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Egg & Embryo donation in Ukraine

Surrogacy with egg donor in Ukraine

The process and regulations to Egg and sperm donation in Ukraine is quite simple and uncomplicated. All you got to do is get in touch with our experts at Gaia fertility and discuss your IVF treatment plans with Donor eggs.

Some women may require an egg donor for IVF if they are above the age of 35, have low ovarian reserve, or suffer from a hereditary illness that impairs their ovaries’ ability to produce eggs. After the age of 40, most doctors would propose donor egg IVF because the quality of women’s eggs decreases rapidly, and this is the primary cause of infertility in older women.

Other reasons for Egg donation in Ukraine include many losses, past IVF failures, genetics, cancer, and more. In order to determine if Egg donation in Ukraine is the best option for you, you must first determine whether or not you are mentally prepared for Egg donation process or capable of bearing the cost of egg donation in Ukraine.

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Why you may need egg donation in Ukraine?

IVF using donor eggs may be considered if you have been unsuccessful in conceiving with your own eggs or have miscarried following a favorable pregnancy. It is also recommended in circumstances where the patient’s own eggs are insufficient for the conception process.

embryos adoption cost in ukraineEarly Menopause: It is possible to go through menopause early if your ovaries have stopped producing eggs. The development of these symptoms before the age of 45 is known as early menopause, but this is a common occurrence.

Age factor: The older a woman is, the less likely she is to conceive through IVF because of a reduced ovarian reserve and lower-quality eggs. IVF is a costly procedure, and many couples opt to use donated eggs in order to increase their chances of conceiving.

Premature Ovarian Failure: A condition in which the ovaries cease to function normally before the age of 40 due to a lack of estrogen production. It is possible, with the right medical assistance, to conceive with your own eggs even if you have premature ovarian ageing.

Genetic issues – Egg Donation in Ukraine may also be required when a woman’s ovaries are either congenitally absent or do not function properly. You’ll also need them if you have genetic diseases that can’t be diagnosed with pre-genetic testing.

Hormonal disorders: Donor eggs may be recommended in cases when uncontrolled hormonal disorders interfere with the production and release of eggs (as in PCOS).

Cancer patients: patients who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation treatment may find that they are unable to conceive in the future. Donor sperm and eggs are often needed by cancer survivors unless they had fertility preservation measures in place prior to their treatment.

Repeated IVF failures: may be caused by hereditary illnesses, poor egg quality, or other unknown causes. If a person has failed many cycles with their own eggs, they may choose to use donor eggs.

Who can become an egg donor in Ukraine?

Your sperm donor in Ukraine can either be known or completely anonymous, depending on your preference. To help you find the best egg donors, we, at Gaia Fertility work with several egg banks, clinics, and agencies in Ukraine. You can also use a donor who is willing to undergo the surgery and donate her eggs for you, such as a member of your family or close friend.

To be approved into the program, an egg donor must meet specific requirements, no matter if she comes through an agency or is a close connection of the intended parents.

A potential donor should typically:

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 32
  • not be experiencing difficulties during the reproductive process
  • The menstrual cycle should be regular
  • Ideally, she should have her own children
  • Be both physically and emotionally well
  • Take care not to overindulge in drink, drugs, or smoking.
  • Take the time to allow yourself to be examined by a doctor.
  • Be prepared for the required tests, injections and medicines

There are many egg donors out there who will share their eggs in exchange for a tiny monetary incentive. In certain egg donor bank in Ukraine, the donor’s family history and genetic screening are also taken into consideration.

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    Cost of egg donation in Ukraine

    egg donation clinic ukraineThe cost of egg donation in Ukraine may vary depending on the type of egg donor agency in Ukraine and surrogacy clinics you are dealing with. If you choose a fresh or frozen egg donor profile, the same cost would go lower or higher depending on the respective case scenario.

    How does IVF with donated eggs work in Ukraine?

    Choosing and screening donors

    Egg donors get checked for physical and psychological health and their agreement is obtained based on the selection criteria. Most egg donation organizations maintain a list of pre-screened donors.

    Matching process

    Using your blood type and physical profile, the donor will be matched to you and her basic profile will be shared with you if it’s a good match. As long as local regulations allow, you may also be able to meet the donor.

    Ovarian stimulation

    A daily injection of medication suppresses the natural cycle and then stimulates the ovaries to boost the chances of collecting a large number of eggs.

    Preparing Intended mother’s endometrium for pregnancy

    Intended mother’s endometrium will be prepared for pregnancy at the same time as you receive injections of progesterone and estrogen.

    The donor’s ovulation is triggered and eggs are retrieved

    Two days after the doctor is satisfied that the eggs are fully developed using ultrasound imaging, an HCG injection is administered to stimulate ovulation and egg retrieval.

    IVF process

    Once done, the standard procedure related to IVF treatment in Ukraine would be conducted under the supervision of our expert professionals.

    How successful is IVF with egg donation in Ukraine?

    Donor egg IVF with fresh embryos had a success rate of 50.4%, according to statistics from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. Some fertility clinics in Ukraine have reported a success rate of up to 70% with the use of donor eggs.

    Furthermore, donor eggs have a better success rate than your own, but you’ll need to be evaluated for your own ability to carry the pregnancy to term as well, since poor quality eggs are a common cause of IVF failure. As long as the quality of your eggs and sperm is high, as well as your health, the chances of a successful IVF cycle increase significantly.

    Being an intended parent, you can always get in touch with our client coordinators for more information on Egg Donation in Ukraine!

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