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Single parent surrogacy in USA

Surrogacy for singles in USA is quite an easier and simpler task in comparison to other countries like UK and Mexico. When it comes to single-parent surrogacy in the USA, the procedure is very similar to that used for surrogacy for married couples here.

The intended parents are required to seek the services of a surrogate mother and sperm or egg donor to get along with their parenthood aspirations. We welcome all prospective intended parents, no matter their marital status.

At Gaia Fertility, your surrogacy process will be the exact same as the process for married couples. We are proud to be a surrogacy agency that accepts single mothers and fathers, and we stand ready to help you reach your family-building dreams. Still, before you put the first step forward in the same regard; do ensure to keep certain things in mind.

single parent surrogacy usa

Types of surrogacy options available in the USA for single parents

Regardless of whether you are a single parent or otherwise, you will have mainly two types of surrogacy options – Traditional and Gestational. In traditional surrogacy, a single parent might pay a surrogate mother to use her eggs to create embryos.

In gestational surrogacy, the sperm or egg from the intended parents can be used for embryo fertilization. So, the intended parents need to seek the services of an egg donor or sperm donor during the arrangement.

Is it legal to hire a surrogate for singles?

Surrogacy laws in the USA differ from state to state. So, you may find surrogacy for single parents in USA legal in one state and unlawful in the other. Hence, it is always recommended to get along with a surrogacy agency in the USA that carries all the necessary experience in the same context.

These agencies can help you not only during the surrogate mother selection but during every given stage or step in your surrogacy journey. Intended parents may regularly get to know a potential surrogate mother through phone calls, face-to-face encounters, etc. throughout the selection process.

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    What is the role of an egg donor or sperm donor in the process?

    single parent surrogacy in usaAn egg donor or sperm donor would play a key role in the entire process related to surrogacy for singles in USA. Patients and donors would be matched by our professionals from the various surrogacy clinics in the USA.

    Moreover, all egg or sperm donors should be subjected to some type of screening or evaluation. Egg donors may be given ovulation-stimulating drugs, which may then be surgically removed from their ovaries after they have been stimulated.

    Sperm donors, on the other side, can get along with the donation with the help of our partner IVF clinics in the USA. Many women undergoing IVF therapy may have their frozen embryos cryopreserved. So, single parents who are looking to pursue surrogacy can benefit from it.

    Besides, they can also opt for embryo donation to become parents. Furthermore, donors have the option of making their identity public or private.

    It is possible for them to meet the prospective parents who will get embryos from known (open) embryo donations. One option for donors is to employ an embryo matching service or agency. That said, donating embryos is a more affordable and time-efficient alternative to other forms of reproductive therapy, such as adoption.

    Legal implications related to single parent surrogacy in USA.

    Legal implications related to single-parent surrogacy in the USA vary from state to state. In the United States, the rules governing surrogacy are the same whether the parents are married or not. As a result, many of these rules are unclear and can be applied differently depending on the state where the surrogacy is pursued.

    Well, you need not worry as our surrogacy specialists at Gaia fertility would be there to help you during every step. Besides, the legal specialists in our team would help you better grasp surrogacy laws in the state where surrogacy is been pursued.

    How to go about surrogacy for single parents in USA?

    Getting started

    You will connect with our professional consultants at Gaia fertility initially. Here, they will explain you regarding every crucial phase in your surrogacy journey. All of your questions and concerns in regards to surrogacy for singles USA would be answered.

    A pre-screened surrogate mother would be assigned to assist you after you decide to go through with surrogacy and have completed all required fertility tests.

    Surrogate matching

    Only those surrogates who are driven by the desire to provide a valued gift to another person will get matched with the intended parents. Being the best surrogacy agency in USA, we take pride in offering the most specialized services to all the intended parents.

    Upon selection, the surrogate mother in USA would sign an agreement with the intended parents that would mention all of their roles and responsibilities.

    Donor selection and embryo transfer

    Once the surrogate mother has been finalized, we will now pick the right sperm or egg donor for the surrogacy arrangement. This would be done with the help and support of our partner surrogacy clinics in USA and other agencies.

    Fertility specialists can then transfer the embryos to the surrogate mother’s womb after they have been fertilized. The surrogate mother will have a pregnancy test after a few weeks of embryo transfer for the further process of single parent surrogacy USA.

    Child birth

    The surrogate mother will carry the child to term for the intended father if a healthy pregnancy has been established. The intended parents may or may not need to file for pre-birth or post-birth orders, depending on the surrogacy regulations of the state.

    For single parents in the United States, there are a few small differences in surrogacy restrictions from those for married couples. So that your entire surrogacy journey stays easy and smooth, we’ll connect you with our legal professionals who are familiar with both the laws of your state and the laws of the state where your US surrogate resides.

    How can we help?

    At Gaia fertility, we live by our commitment to offering the most ethical and affordable surrogacy options to our clients. So, you and your gestational surrogate can plan the pregnancy and delivery of their child without any issues.

    To learn more about surrogacy for single parents in the USA, speak with one of our client coordinators now.

    surrogacy for singles usa

    surrogacy for singles in usa

    surrogacy for single parent in usa

    single parent surrogacy usa

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