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Surrogacy cost in Ukraine

In order to ascertain the surrogacy cost in Ukraine, one needs to overview and scrutinize a list of factors and elements in the process. Furthermore, surrogacy in Ukraine is only permissible to heterosexual couples in the country. So if you are a Gay couple or a single parent seeking surrogacy options, you may look elsewhere.

In Ukraine, the surrogacy cost is a charge that prospective parents must pay in order to join the surrogacy program. This is the price of a whole set of surrogacy services, including medical, logistical, and legal assistance, as well as the cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine.

All of the programs involve medical testing, surrogate mother screening, IVF, pregnancy tracking, accommodation, and food for potential parents in Ukraine. Besides, the cost related to the child’s parental custody and other stuff is also included in the list.

In comparison to other countries, Ukraine has a low cost of gestational surrogacy. As a result, the average cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is 2.5 times lower than in Canada and 3 times lower than in the US.

Simultaneously, the rule establishes treatment requirements, ensuring that it is carried out to the highest standards and only in licensed clinics.

 Surrogacy cost in Ukraine

What is included in the cost of a surrogacy in Ukraine?

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is determined by a variety of factors and elements specific to your situation and strategy. So, if you’re a hopeful parent who’s worried about ‘how much surrogacy costs in Ukraine,’ keep the following considerations in mind.

Medical costs related to surrogacy in Ukraine

When we talk about the surrogacy cost Ukraine and the costs of medical care and assistance, we’re talking about cost related to :

  • IVF treatment
  • PGD
  • Managing the pregnancy of a surrogate (ultrasound, tests, vitamins)
  • Childbirth
  • Insurance for surrogate mother in Ukraine
  • DNA analysis
  • Taking care of a preterm infant (including medicines purchases);
  • Follow-up visits from a doctor after the baby is discharged from the hospital
  • Parent, surrogate mother, and oocyte donor questionnaires and analyses

Egg donor and Sperm donor services are not included in the cost of surrogacy Ukraine if the couple wishes to use their own embryos.

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    Cost related to services offered to Intended parents

    As the intended parents kick start their journey with us, they will be eligible for the following services via our partner surrogacy clinics in Ukraine and other agencies.

    • Airport arrival and transportation
    • Hotel and meals for the parents in Ukraine, as well as maid service and personal interpreters

    Throughout the surrogate mother’s pregnancy, our surrogacy coordinator informs the parents of the findings of the observations and keeps them up to date on her health. The intended parents would be taken to the clinic and the embassy by the coordinator after their arrival in Ukraine, and the same coordinator would keep in touch with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week to give aid in any circumstance.


    Cost of a surrogate mother in Ukraine

    Surrogate mothers in Ukraine are usually compensated in accordance with the agreed terms with the intended parents. This would include the following:

    • Remuneration for taking part in the agreement
    • The cost of food and clothing on a monthly basis
    • Babysitting service once the baby is born

    In Ukraine, a surrogate mother is compensated for her gestational surrogacy services. As the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine, we would handle all financial transactions, and potential parents do not need to make any direct payments regarding the same. This reduces misunderstandings between the parties while relieving the intended parents of any added stress or anxiety.

    Cost incurred towards the Legal services

    During the surrogacy arrangement, the intended parents would require legal advice and assistance at certain phases. This is where the services of a legal attorney would come into picture. At Gaia Fertility, we would take care of every legal matter like:

    • Passport registration for a kid
    • Documentation to be submitted to the embassy
    • Obtaining a copy of the child’s birth certificate

    At the completion of the surrogacy process, parents are given a complete package of documents along with the birth certificate in which they are designated as the legal “mother” and “father.” They go back to their own country with the birth certificate and passport of their child.

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    At Gaia Fertility, we are committed to offering the most ethical and affordable  services to everyone who is dreaming to achieve parenthood via surrogacy. Given our vast experience and expertise in the same domain, we would ensure all kinds of support and care during every step of your surrogacy journey in the country.

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