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Surrogate mother in Ukraine

Important: Ukraine is currently under a political conflict with Russia so we advise all the intended parents to consult with our surrogacy professionals before taking the first step forward.

For years, Ukraine has been the most preferred surrogacy hub for a list of individuals and couples. Yet, it’s all about making an informed decision while taking every aspect into consideration. While surrogacy is exclusively available for heterosexual couples in Ukraine, the surrogate mother comes as the most crucial element of the entire process.

As a result of their unselfish contributions in realizing the intended parents’ parental ambitions, they deserve to be treated with the highest respect and care. So, if you are a surrogate mother interested in assisting a couple in achieving their parenting goals through surrogacy in Ukraine, at Gaia Fertility, we always bring the best and most ethical programs and plans to ensure proper care and support for our surrogate mothers.

 Surrogate mother in Ukraine

Surrogate mother in Ukraine: Key considerations

 Surrogate mother cost in UkraineNot everyone can become a surrogate mother Ukraine and one has to go through a list of screenings and evaluations during the process. If you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother in Ukraine, you should be aware that your mental, emotional, and psychological health are just as important as your physical health.

Despite common belief that pregnancy is a joyful experience, many women experience an emotional roller coaster as their bodies adjust to accommodate the new life developing inside of them.

Through our partner surrogacy clinics in Ukraine, we, at Gaia fertility ensure that every surrogate mother has access to the assistance and counseling she requires at all times. We also keep a tight check on their well-being along the route, using all the best techniques and methods.

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    How we ensure a proper care for our surrogate mothers?

    With the help and support of our partner IVF clinics and centers, we always ensure the best possible care and support for our surrogate mother in Ukraine. We further ensure:

    • Pregnancy care coordinators who are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Maintain contact with surrogate mothers and their families in Ukraine to ensure that they receive the support and encouragement they deserve.
    • Participation in things that they enjoy, as well as encouragement and support in doing so
    • Emphasizing their importance to us and future parents
    • Providing medical treatment and counseling to the new family prior to and following the birth of the child at an affordable surrogate mother cost in Ukraine.
    • Stress-relieving and anxiety-relieving therapies


    Other services to help and support the surrogate mother in Ukraine

     Surrogate mother for gay coupleAt Gaia Fertility, we always believe that a healthy lifestyle is helpful to both the surrogate mother and the baby in Ukraine. So, via our partner surrogacy clinics in Ukraine, we ensure that every surrogate mother receives health-oriented counseling that encourages her to live a healthy lifestyle.

    We also encourage Ukrainian surrogate mothers to avoid alcohol and cigarette addictions while further ensuring they receive enough rest and sleep. Our counselors stay by their side while they look forward to improved health and well-being.

    Discussing these concerns with surrogate mothers will assist them in developing good self-perceptions and increasing their chances of bearing a healthy, full-term pregnancy. It’s crucial to take pauses throughout the day or even go to bed early as a reminder of the need of rest and relaxation.

    Another strategy to relieve stress is to avoid allowing work to overwhelm them or to do some mild exercise. When permitted by a medical practitioner, little exercise and walking can enhance the mother’s mood and relieve back pain and constipation while keeping their weight in a healthy range.

    Random alcohol/tobacco testing and frequent health checks are required from the surrogate mother in Ukraine as part of their training to verify they are living according to the program’s requirements.

    • Taking proper care of their diet and Nutritional requirements

    Nutrition is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Because the baby will be carried by a surrogate mother in Ukraine, she must look after her own health to avoid issues like miscarriage and brain hypoxia.

    A shortage of oxygen in the brain has been related to a number of neuropsychological difficulties, such as trouble focusing or learning, dyslexia, and a delay in psychological development. In addition to educational training, we provide educational programs through our partner surrogacy clinics in Ukraine to emphasize the significance of adequate nutrition for both the mother and the infant.

    • Required tests and screenings

    In the 16th or 17th week of pregnancy, every surrogate mother in Ukraine will undergo a triple marker genetic test. The “PRENA” test, which has a 60 to 70% accuracy rate, is available in the 10th week of pregnancy for prenatal genetic screening.

    The cost of this DNA test is additional, but it is guaranteed to be 99 percent accurate. A blood sample will be submitted to Ukrainian surrogacy clinics for testing, and the findings will be accessible within the timeframe specified.

    • Ensuring a smooth and risk-free delivery

    Some women give birth fast, while others take longer, and each woman will have a different labor and delivery experience that is both physically and emotionally draining. Because it is mostly uncertain how a woman will experience childbirth, there is a lot of dread and worry around it.

    With the support of our partner surrogacy clinics in Ukraine, we at Gaia fertility provide pre-labor educational training to pregnant moms in order to minimize the production of extra stress hormones and more difficult birth.

    Despite the fact that our surrogate moms are well-versed in the procedure, our training allows them to feel more secure and in charge of their situation. They will receive the finest possible nourishment and care throughout labor and delivery of their kid with four daily meals in a private maternity hospital.

    What is the cost of surrogate mother in Ukraine?

    The cost of surrogate mother in Ukraine would be included in the entire cost of the surrogacy treatment process. Besides, as an intended parent, you have the option to follow and overview every phase of the procedure.

    Surrogate mothers in Ukraine must meet certain requirements in terms of age, health, and other important factors before making it onboard. Following that, she can begin the surrogacy procedure in Ukraine after passing random health and background checks.

    For further information, get in touch with one of our client coordinators today!

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