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We deliver high success rates & compassion throughout every intended parent’s experience.

Gaia Fertility is a family centered initiative located in Cyprus. We specialize in matching & connecting intended parents seeking surrogacy solutions, with the most suitable, professional, state of art clinics- offering various programs around the world.

Our main clinic partner is located in Cyprus, enabling very close inspection & level of care. However, we offer various other options such as the Ukraine, USA & other locations, to fit various budgets & special requests.


Providing a unique model of surrogate care & comprehensive intended parent support, We are proudly able to offer a guaranteed and all inclusive surrogacy experience to intended parents of all statuses, combining the benefit of reputable IVF with high success rates, all under one roof.

Where do I start?

It all starts with a conversation.

Call to schedule a free consultation, where our coordinators will provide elaborate information & help you establish the following timeline –

Additional Services

We offer a personalized service to patients of all status’ seeking IVF, ROPA, donor egg or sperm. Our quality, individually tailored service starts from the first point of contact, where we can assist with the following –

Words from our parents

We have had the privilege to assist many parents from around the globe on their journey to  achieving a family. Here are messages from some of our happy parents around the world.

“Thank you Gaia Fertility for helping us become a family

We shall always be grateful”

Anna & Jonathan L.


“All my life I have wanted to be a mother

I didn’t imagine how hard it would be to become pregnant

With Gaia Fertility’s help and dedication, they helped me realize my dreams”

Rose P.


“I am writing this to thank our egg donor – you did an amazing thing!

I have struggled with infertility for so long and now, thanks to your donation, I have become a mom”

Maria K.


About Us

Learn why Gaia Fertility in Cyprus is a great destination for your surrogacy journey

Karina Alon MA, RCM

Counsellor and Midwife Founder of GAIA FERTILITY

Karina is a senior counsellor, a certified Midwife and Clinical Supervisor. This unique combination of professional expertise has given her a deep understanding of issues involved with coping with infertility. With great sensitivity, awareness and knowledge, her goal is to walk beside you on your fertility journey.

Eyal Alon

Director of Development

With over twenty years of experience leading and developing initiatives, Eyal has expanded Gaia Fertility into a vast network of experts and clinics,in Cyprus & beyond. Finding creative solutions to every challenge along the way, Eyal is dedicated to our parent’s requests and concerns.

Sasha DeSousa

Senior Coordinator

With her expertise and hands on approach, you will be guaranteed a safe and pleasant journey through the whole process. From the initial application, through scheduling appointments and accompaniment to the clinics, Sasha will gladly guide your every step.

Stephanie Gaia Coordinator

Stephanie M

Senior Coordinator

Originally Canadian, Stephanie brings a deep understanding of the gift of surrogacy, having experienced the role of intended parent herself. Stephanie can genuinely understand all issues involved & will accompany you with her wisdom of first-hand experience.

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