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Surrogacy in Argentina

Surrogacy in Argentina comes as a perfect alternative for individuals or couples who are looking for a cost-effective option in comparison to surrogacy in the USA. Despite the fact that Argentina was the first Latin American country to officially recognize the homosexual family, Intended parents must know that surrogacy is still neither prohibited nor permitted in this part of the globe.

So, one can pursue their parenthood dreams while getting along with a reputed surrogacy agency in Argentina. Furthermore, the acceptance of homosexual families makes it easier for gay couples to start a family. To do so, the pregnant woman must give up her rights as a mother once the child is born and recognize the paternity of one of the parents, whose partner can then adopt the child. The same legal protections apply to married homosexual couples as they do to heterosexual couples.

Your surrogacy clinic in Argentina provides complete support and guidance on aspects such as surrogate matching, egg donor options, IVF, and so on.

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Surrogacy in Argentina: What you need to know?

Is surrogacy legal in Argentina?

Argentina surrogacy agency

In Argentina, fertility and artificial insemination treatments have been utilised for decades. The country is home to some of the most cutting-edge fertility clinics in the world. There is no reason why couples or individuals cannot engage in these activities. Typically, gamete donation is done anonymously and for a good cause.

On June 5, 2013, the Senate and House of Deputies of Congress passed Law 26,862 on Medically Assisted Human Reproduction, popularly known as the “National Law on Assisted Fertilization,” which was issued on June 25, 2013. It’s a Republic-wide public-order norm that allows and regulates the largest range of fertilisation and implantation possibilities, as well as cryo-preservation of genetic material and embryos with minimal precautions. 

The goal is to “ensure full access to medically assisted reproduction procedures and techniques” (Article 1), which are defined as “procedures and techniques

performed with medical assistance for the achievement of pregnancy,” including “low and high complexity techniques, whether or not they include the donation of gametes and/or embryos,” as well as future procedures and techniques (art. 2). Procedures may only be performed “in licenced health institutions that satisfy the council’s standards,” according to the law for gestational surrogacy Argentina. International surrogacy programs are offered by surrogacy agencies in Argentina.

The intended parents and surrogates need the support of surrogate clinics in Argentina to get an Argentine lawyer, psychologist, and IVF specialist. Choose a trusted surrogacy agency in Argentina, so make sure you get the best services at an affordable cost.

Is it legal to pursue Gestational Surrogacy in Argentina?

The law establishes the application authority to the Ministry of Health of the Nation (art.3), which includes “a single registry in which all health establishments authorised to carry out procedures must be registered techniques of medically assisted reproduction,” which includes “medical establishments where gamete and/or embryo-receiving banks operate,” among other things.

So, in layman’s terms, medically assisted reproduction treatments and techniques are available to anyone of legal age who has completed an informed consent form, which can be revoked until the embryo is placed in a surrogate mother in Argentina.
Homosexual couples can become parents via surrogacy while dealing with a reputed surrogacy agency like Gaia fertility. In such kind of arrangement, the surrogate mother should essentially abandon her privileges as a mother after the baby’s birth and admit the paternity of one of the surrogate parents, whose partner can then adopt the kid.

surrogacy laws in Argentina

Cost of surrogacy in Argentina

The cost of a surrogacy relies on numerous facts like the number of IVF cycles performed, IVF medications costs, tests and diagnoses involved, and the surrogate mother cost. Surrogacy for same-sex couples is also permitted to go this way. The same legal provisions apply to married homosexual couples as they do to heterosexual couples.

In August 2011, a proposal on surrogate pregnancy was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, which discusses the legalization of surrogacy under certain conditions. Surrogacy isn’t illegal in Argentina; neither is it legally permitted as of now.

Surrogacy laws in Argentina advocate and protects all parties involved, along with the surrogate mother, the intending parents, and the kid, in addition to assisted reproduction, which currently has regulations in place. We are among some of the best surrogacy clinics in Argentina, which provide you with the best parenthood possible!

How can Gaia fertility help you get the best Surrogacy experience?

At Gaia Fertility, a reputed Argentina surrogacy agency, we are committed to offering you the best counselling and support during your surrogacy journey. While carrying years of experience and expertise in the same domain, we guarantee an end to end assistance to all our clients.

We have further partnered with one of the best IVF clinics, sperm banks, egg donation agencies and legal experts to ensure the best services at any given step for our esteemed clients. Connect with one of our client coordinators today for surrogacy for couples in Argentina!

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