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IVF Treatment in Albania: How does it work?

ivf in albaniaThe approach of treating infertility that is most frequently used is in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Annual increase in the number of patients choosing to get IVF treatment overseas. One of the popular locations for IVF among the many clinics in various European nations, such as Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece, or Turkey, is Albania.

A minimum of a year must pass between sexual encounters without the use of birth control, and no pregnancy should be confirmed during this time in order to use IVF treatment. This condition is also called infertility. IVF treatment is used if a pregnancy does not occur during this time.

Our highly skilled and experienced obstetricians, gynaecologists, and fertility specialists offer a wide range of reproductive services and treatments. Additionally, we offer high-quality care through our experienced nursing professionals, expert counselling services, and specialised andrology and embryology laboratory services.

Opting for IVF treatment cost in Albania is certainly a key decision in anyone’s life, given that they are already undergoing the stress and agony related to infertility and its cost. Yet, with the right support and care, the journey can be eased and simplified. At Gaia Fertility, our professionals work with the core motive of bringing you the best IVF treatment with the help and support of our partner clinics.

Key reasons to opt for IVF treatment in Albania

Superior services

The quality of IVF treatment in Albania provided by our experts is continually monitored and evaluated by a third-party regulatory agency to guarantee that all patients are treated with respect and dignity throughout their whole reproductive journey.

Legal and Ethical procedures

Fertility treatments have a very lenient legal framework in Albania given the absence of a proper law. The Albanian law permits the donation of sperm and eggs, as well.So, you can stay assured of stepping ahead without any second thoughts.

Affordable services

In comparison to the UK, the cost of IVF treatment in Albania is significantly reduced at every form of treatment. The quality of care is still excellent, despite the lower expenses.

Easy Access

Daily flights connect Albania with the majority of the airports across the globe. So, you are never too far from a highly ethical IVF clinic in Albania and affordable services.   

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    Highly experienced fertility experts

    You will mostly find highly experienced and expert fertility professionals in Albania. It’s a well-known fact that fertility specialists are highly respected for the quality of their work and the outcomes they achieve.

    No waiting lists

    As you decide on initiating with the most awaited journey of your life, you do not have to come across a waiting list for IVF treatment. Options such as egg donation are no different and one can easily get access to a pool of egg donors and sperm donors while getting on board with us.

    Customized IVF plans

    Our professionals and partner IVF clinics will always come up with the most suitable and tailor-made IVF program to best suit your needs. Our staff members are always there to provide personal attention to each and every one of our clients.

    IVF in Albania: How it works?

    Ovaries stimulation and Fertility tests

    Testing is used to determine the reproductive health of both the woman and the men. Injecting hormones into the woman’s body increases her egg production, and her “cycle” is then monitored. An infertility doctor will run tests before initiating an IVF cycle to check numerous crucial criteria.

    First and foremost, your ability to respond to fertility medicines is a key factor in the outcome of your IVF procedure. During stimulation, your personal infertility doctor will monitor your follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) levels to evaluate your ability to respond to fertility medication.

    Your uterine environment is the second factor to consider. Your personal infertility doctor will conduct an ultrasound of your uterine lining just before ovulation (sonogram).

    The male’s fertility is the third factor. The sperm of your partner will be examined by a medical professional from one of our partner IVF clinics in Albania. One egg is typically produced by women with healthy ovarian function each month.

    Your ovaries will be stimulated with carefully regulated hormone doses supplied intravenously in order to enhance the number of mature eggs accessible for fertilization. Ultrasound scans and blood tests will be used by your infertility doctor to keep tabs on your reaction to these hormonal preparations and the growth of your eggs. Hormone injections are then used to stimulate ovulation.

    ivf treatment clinic albania

    Egg retrieval, fertilization and Embryo transfer process

    To begin the fertilization process, the eggs are extracted from the ovaries of the woman patient and placed in special cultures with the sperm. Over the course of a few days, the embryos mature. When you return to one of our partner IVF clinics in Albania, a doctor will perform an embryo transfer.

    The ovaries are accessed by the use of a vaginal ultrasonography probe and a needle. Patients are sedated for retrieval, which normally takes no more than 20 or 30 minutes. In the IVF laboratory, each follicle’s egg and fluid are meticulously collected and analyzed. An incubator is used to keep the eggs separate.

    The eggs and sperm are placed in a temperature-controlled incubator and allowed to incubate together. The best embryos have about eight cells each after three days of egg retrieval. Embryos may be allowed to develop for an additional two days, under a process known as the blastocyst stage, in order to accommodate some patients.

    Embryos with 60 to 100 cells are the most fertile and have the best chance of resulting in a pregnancy. More embryos may be transplanted, but the odds of multiple births will be reduced while the chances of implantation and pregnancy will not be affected.

    A tiny catheter is used to transfer the embryo into the uterus of the mother. The embryos are then implanted into the uterus under the supervision of our experts. There is relatively minimal pain in general. After the embryo transfer, you won’t need to take any special rest and can get back to your regular routine. It’s only a matter of time before the eggs hatch and the embryos begin to develop.

    Follow up Care

    In order to find out if the IVF process was successful, you’ll visit your local infertility specialist thereafter. You’ll get extra progesterone and estrogen to keep your uterine lining healthy. Blood tests are done six to ten days after the transplant.

    Pregnancy hormone levels rise as a sign that implantation has happened. To ensure that the pregnancy is progressing normally, additional blood tests are carried out. Four weeks following the transfer, an ultrasound is used to confirm clinical pregnancy. 

    Why choose us?

    Over the years, we have helped and supported numerous individuals and couples to achieve parenthood via our ethical and affordable IVF treatment services. During your IVf journey, you will be supported and looked after by a team that includes skilled infertility specialists, embryologists with advanced training, consultants, treatment coordinators, and others.

    Positive and inspirational reviews of most of our Patients speak volume about our success story. We hope this helps you better understand how we work and why so many others have put their faith in us to care for them.

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