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Egg Donation in Argentina

There are several factors and elements that Intended parents must know before putting their first step forward with Egg donation in Argentina. Donor oocytes are increasingly being used in assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Patients with inadequate ovarian reserve, a history of poor ovarian response to stimulation, numerous IVF failures, or advanced maternal age are among the infertile patients who are routinely treated with donated eggs to boost their chances of becoming pregnant.

At Gaia Fertility, our egg donation initiatives are focused towards making it possible for hundreds of women who year after year wish to become pregnant but are unable to do so due to a lack of oocytes. Egg donation in Argentina is a viable option that has the highest pregnancy rates and the lowest risk of genetic problems (lower miscarriage rate and lower chromosomal abnormalities than pregnancies with own eggs coming from older women).

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How is Egg Donation in Argentina by Gaia Fertility beneficial?

Our shared egg donor programme distributes the donor’s fresh egg cohort to numerous recipients, resulting in a high pregnancy rate (60-65 per cent), a shorter waiting period, and lower expenses because donor fees are divided among the various recipients, making this therapy accessible for most patients through our egg donor bank. Furthermore, because of the depreciation of the Argentinian peso in December 2001 and again in 2012, prices for international patients are even cheaper.

Our partner clinic’s egg donation programme is one of the most popular not just in Argentina, but throughout Latin America. More than 500 patients get benefitted from our campaigns related to egg donation in Argentina.

Our professionals ensure that patients have a good, professional experience and that the overall arrangement is as safe as those in the United States. Our goal is the same as yours: to have a healthy kid as quickly and painlessly as possible while maintaining the highest levels of safety (infectious and genetic) requirements.

We will examine your situation and devise a solution that is unique to you. The difference between us and others is based not only on what we do but also, perhaps more importantly, on how we do it. The best birth rates, just one trip to Buenos Aires, no waiting list, participation in a programme with cosmopolitan donors, and direct patient-to-doctor connection are among our requirements. We also provide embryos adoption in Argentina.

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    How we screen the Egg donors?

    Our egg donors are all between the ages of 21 and 32 and are screened using the majority of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recommendations. A geneticist examines their medical, personal, and familial histories. They test for infectious illnesses (HIV, hepatitis B and C, and syphilis) as well as genetic disorders (karyotype and a comprehensive panel of genetic diseases utilising Recombine).

    If the man who supplies the sperm sample also wishes to be analysed using Recombine, we can match the donor’s and the man’s results to prevent distributing oocytes from a donor who shares any of the man’s genetic mutations (to avoid a genetic disease in the baby). These samples are also assessed by a psychologist.

    Donor egg recipients

    It’s also crucial to do a thorough assessment of the receiving partners in order to reduce dangers and increase the possibilities of conception. Women up to the age of 50 are eligible for this arrangement.

    A recipient’s average wait period is two months. Moreover, at least six mature eggs can be given to each woman (the average is 8-9). This eliminates the possibility of the recipient experiencing a poor donor ovarian response. Furthermore, we guarantee transfer at the blastocyst stage, significantly enhancing the clinical pregnancy rate. If you need donor eggs or Sperm donor in Argentina, or both, we make it simple for you.

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    Success rates with Egg donation in Argentina

    The clinical pregnancy rate is about 60-65 per cent, which is similar to most in the United States and higher than the European Society of Human Reproductive and Endocrinology (ESHRE) and Latin-American registry (Registro Latinoamericano de Reproducción Asistida) stated rates. Our agency takes care of Surrogacy with egg donor in Argentina, embryo donation, and egg and sperm donation in Argentina.

    It’s worth noting that, unlike therapies using non-donor eggs, recipient age has no impact on success rates in egg donation, and the clinical pregnancy rate remains constant in women under 50. It’s also worth noting that egg donation is a successful and safe treatment option when carried out according to protocol and in accordance with international guidelines based on clinical data.

    At Gaia Fertility, we always ensure the best experts and procedures to bring the desired results through our partner egg donor bank in Argentina. For further information, do connect with one of our client coordinators or simply visit our website.

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