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Surrogacy in Albania

Surrogacy in Albania

Surrogacy in Albania is a potential option for those surrogacy seeking couples and individuals that cannot afford the highly expensive surrogacy services and medical support in other European countries.

Given the lack of information and awareness in the same regard, most of the parents believe that their only option is to travel to the United States or Canada. Many times, businesses that solely market these locations, that have an obligation to persuade people through their adverts, or via parent affiliations that are financially backed by these businesses (and thus do not preserve an impartial set of criteria), have pressed the idea that the United States is the only viable, serious, reliable location, and a thousand other adjectives, while simultaneously casting doubts and skepticism, or directly negative publicity on other potential surrogacy destinations.

Surrogacy in Albania – what must intended parents know?

Surrogacy is not regulated in Albania, so it is neither permitted nor restricted in this part of the world. As a result, any couple or individual can seek surrogacy irrespective of their sexual orientations.

One of the most significant advantages of pursuing any surrogacy clinic in Albania is its lower cost in comparison to other countries like the UK and USA. Because of its close proximity to other European countries, many couples pick surrogacy in Albania given its low-cost surrogacy options and state of the art medical facilities. 


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Is surrogacy legal in Albania?

Surrogacy center in Albania

There is no regulation regarding surrogacy in Albania or surrogacy agencies in Albania. As per the article 261 of the Family Code in Albania, surrogacy follows the same rules as adoption. This remark implies that an adoption procedure is required at the conclusion of any surrogacy arrangement in Albania. It entails, like in many other countries, gaining the Adoption Committee’s consent for the adoption as well as the court hearing. In surrogacy laws in Albania this means that it may take longer after the baby’s birth to obtain full legal parentage and travel documents for the child.

The “surrogacy agreement” is the only contract that determines the link between both the Intended Parents and the Surrogate Mother. Nevertheless, it is unclear if such a contract would be binding, and what would happen if the surrogate changed her mind. As a result, both parties must act in good faith. Furthermore, because there is no established method for obtaining a birth certificate in the instance of a baby born through surrogacy, a civil birth certificate is issued in the name of the female who gave birth and the genetic father of the child.

Surrogacy in Albania – The Process

Following the birth, the prospective parents must enroll the child with the civil registration, which requires a birth certificate from the IVF clinic. Besides, the details of the prospective parents must be listed on the birth certificate in order for it to be registered in the civil registry.

Types of surrogacy in Albania

Only Gestational surrogacy is permitted in Albania i.e. an arrangement where the surrogate mother is not having any biological connection with the future child. Besides, the sperm and eggs derived from the intended parents is used to form the embryo that is then been placed to the womb of the surrogate mother in Albania.

The genetic makeup is either contributed by the parents or by donors. Parentage is established by kinship ties, and the father should prove his genetic kinship with the kid when a donor is employed. Because there is no court punishment in this country, paternity is established by filiations, and the father should demonstrate his genetic relationship with the child. The donor in this case can be known or anonymous.

The egg donor in this case has to be healthy women between the age of 18 and 26, and they are subjected to stringent physical and mental health assessment.

Cost of surrogacy in Albania

The cost of a surrogacy in Albania majorly depends on the type of surrogacy consultant and agency you are dealing with. Besides, it also relies on a number of aspects like total number of IVF cycles performed, IVF medication costs, and cost of surrogate mother in Albania and so on.

What are the benefits of Surrogacy in Albania?

  • Surrogacy is permitted for married couples, unmarried couples, homosexual couples, and single men.
  • The cost of surrogacy in Albania is much lower than other European countries like the UK, Ireland and so on.
  • In egg donation, programs with an unlimited number of embryo transfers and in vitro fertilization are available
  • Medical insurance for the surrogate mother, insurance for the surrogate mother or donor, insurance for the child with resumption of the program, and so on are all provided in various programs.

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Why must you pick Gaia Fertility for the best surrogacy options in Albania?

At Gaia fertility, we are a team of highly experienced fertility and legal professionals that have helped and supported thousands of prospective parents to realize their parenthood dreams. We have further tied up with some of the best IVF clinics, egg donor and sperm donor agencies to help you during every step of your surrogacy journey.

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