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Surrogacy is always a matter of curiosity among various surrogacy-seeking couples across the globe. While the country has no regulations in regard to surrogacy, one really needs to stay cautious while putting their first step in the same direction.

Besides, dealing with a reputed surrogacy clinic in Cyprus like Gaia fertility can really help you a great mile. By doing that, you can always stay wary of every fake and misguiding surrogacy agency in Cyprus. Here, we have compiled a list of various aspects and elements related to gestational surrogacy in Cyprus.

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Is surrogacy legal in Cyprus? Surrogacy laws in Cyprus

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Cyprus has no strict regulations in place for the surrogacy treatment process in Cyprus. It permits embryo transfer to the surrogate without legal complications. As a result, it is simple to locate a good surrogacy agency in Cyprus that can provide the necessary assistance. The agreement between the surrogate mother in Cyprus and the intended couple is legally binding and enforceable in court. However, all parties involved must agree that they understand the treatment options, the law, and the associated costs.

When the surrogate is single, both the intended husband and the surrogate mother will be listed as the legal parents of the child born via surrogacy. Taking legal custody is critical in such cases. After three months, the surrogate mother can express her willingness or even renounce motherhood, and the intended couple can then proceed with the attainment of legal custody of the child.

The surrogacy procedure is carried out under a contract to avoid any complications with the surrogate mother. Make certain that you have a clear idea in regard to surrogacy in Cyprus. It will make it much easier for you to avoid complications.

It is always recommended that intended parents use good Surrogacy agencies in Cyprus that can provide them with guidance throughout the entire process. Everything will be clear, from finding a surrogate mother to the legal details. This will almost certainly result in you gaining legal custody of the child. When the baby is born in Cyprus, the intended father and surrogate mother will be listed on the birth certificate. When the baby’s father is confirmed through genetic testing, he can take the necessary legal steps to complete the adoption.

Choosing a surrogate mother in Cyprus

In most cases, the intended parents ask a family member or a friend to serve as the surrogate mother in Cyprus. Without a doubt, it provides a high level of comfort and trust. There are other options as well. If you are unable to find a surrogate on your own, you can simply look for the best surrogacy clinics in Cyprus that can assist you in the same regard.

The surrogate you choose must be over the age of 18 and of reproductive age. It could be a regular selection procedure while taking the surrogate mother through a list of medical and psychological assessments.
Moreover, it is critical to take the time and go over all of the details thoroughly. Aside from that, the cost of surrogacy in Cyprus must be clearly stated in advance. Before pursuing this option, it is recommended that you have a thorough understanding of the doctor’s test, procedure, and other related aspects.

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What is the possibility for the availability of Surrogates for Gay Couples in Cyprus?

As mentioned earlier, there are no specific rules and legislation in regard to surrogacy in Cyprus. So, finding suitable surrogates for Gay couples in Cyprus isn’t that tough. Yet, one must deal with a reputed surrogacy clinic in Cyprus that is offering surrogacy for 2 dads in Cyprus.

Being an intended parent, you must be aware of the surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus cost and other related aspects. Surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus can actually be quite simple. There is no upper age limit for intended couples considering surrogacy. Besides, the procedure is similar barring the fact that one needs to include a sperm donor or egg donor for the IVF treatment in Cyprus.

As previously stated, there are no surrogacy laws in Cyprus. This means that gay or heterosexual couples who wish to become parents can choose the surrogacy procedure. When it comes to surrogacy in Cyprus, there is no discrimination based on marital status, gender, or other factors. It ensures that the intended parents have no concerns or difficulties while pursuing surrogacy for gay in Cyprus.

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    Points to ponder regarding Surrogacy Cost in Cyprus- How much is the surrogate mother cost in Cyprus?

    Surrogacy, like any other process associated with birth, comes at a good cost. So, one must ponder various elements related to surrogacy costs in Cyprus beforehand. The cost of surrogacy in Cyprus starts at around €4500. Yet, the overall cost structure depends on elements like the IVF treatment cycle, tests, and diagnosis required, and the inclusion of sperm and egg donors.

    On the other hand, the surrogate mother cost in Cyprus is also included in this arrangement. So, before selecting a surrogate mother in Cyprus for the services, every minor detail must be considered. With an online search, one can find a good option and ensure that the surrogacy treatment is done at a reasonable cost.

    Cyprus is less expensive than other parts of Europe, making it an appealing destination for intended parents seeking surrogacy treatment. The surrogacy cost in Cyprus includes a variety of advantageous options such as unlimited IVF procedures, surrogate selection, post-care, compensation and surrogate care, and so on.

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    Big question – Is it appropriate to consider
    surrogacy in Cyprus?

    Surrogacy in cyprus

    Given the success rate of surrogacy in Cyprus and the associated procedures that are free of complications, Cyprus is without a doubt one of the best options for surrogacy. One can go for surrogacy here regardless of age or gender and have the opportunity to become parents to a healthy child.

    Cyprus is a technologically advanced country that offers many advantages to those who want to start a family. One can look for a Surrogacy clinic in Cyprus that can ensure that everything is in order and that the intended parents have a better chance of becoming parents.

    It is the best step one can take. Furthermore, the cost of surrogacy in Cyprus can be quite reasonable. However, you should seek proper Surrogacy treatment consultation with the experts here at Cyprus surrogacy agency to understand the complications and other aspects. It will prevent any complications and ensure that you have a trouble-free experience throughout your surrogacy journey.

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