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Surrogacy for same sex in Colombia

Given the lack of a legal framework, Surrogacy for gay couples in Colombia is deemed legal in the country. Still, the intended parents have to keep certain things in mind before putting their first steps forward. To make such an arrangement possible, at least one of the intended parents must be genetically linked to the child, according to Colombian law.

Besides, Colombia’s constitution protects the LGBT community from all types of discrimination; therefore surrogacy and same-sex marriage are both safe options in this part of the planet.

Intended parents must know that the Constitutional Court of Colombia legalized same-sex marriage in 2016. As a result, all judges and notaries must now conduct the arrangement in the same manner as they are obligated to do for heterosexual couples, according to sentence SU-214. So, we can say that both heterosexual couples and gay couples can pursue surrogacy in Colombia without any hassles.

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Surrogacy for Gay Couples in Colombia: What you need to know?

Being an intended parent pursuing surrogacy for gay couples Colombia, you must stay updated about certain key things. The Colombian Constitutional Court issued a groundbreaking judgement in 2015, legalizing surrogacy for gay couples and recognizing the equality of same-sex couples. A court also found that barring same-sex parents as possible adoptive parents violated the children’s rights.

Furthermore, foreigners are granted the same civil rights and assurances as Colombian citizens under Article 100 of the Colombian Constitution. Hence, we can conclude that Surrogacy for Gay Couples in Colombia can be pursued by both local and international parents without any legal hassles.

Colombian LGBT rights are among the most progressive in Latin America, with broad legislative safeguards for people and families of all sexual orientations and inclinations. In 2007 and 2008, a three-judge panel of the Constitutional Court found that same-sex couples have the same pension, social security, and property rights as heterosexual couples.

In 2011, Congress made discrimination based on sexual orientation illegal. The Constitutional Court, on the other hand, legalized same-sex marriage in 2016.

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    Surrogacy for Gay Couples in Colombia and other types of assisted reproduction have helped many same-sex couples establish families. We at Gaia Fertility are able to give highly ethical surrogacy services and entirely individualized treatment support given the customised needs of every individual. This arrangement is ideal for every gay couple who looks forward to becoming a parent via surrogates for gay couples Colombia.

    Surrogacy for LGBT couples in Colombia: Step by Step process!

    surrogacy for 2 dads colombiaGetting Started

    The first step would involve a meeting with one of our surrogacy professionals via online or offline mode. This would further entail a detailed discussion between the intended parents and the fertility experts regarding all the doubts and concerns.

    Tests and Diagnosis

    Our specialists would then recommend the required tests and screenings for the intended parents. This would help them to trace out any medical issues that the parents may pass on to the future child during the IVF process. The same tests and diagnosis would also be conducted in the case of the surrogate mother.

    Kick-starting the surrogacy process

    Once we have finalised the surrogate mother in Colombia, a further process regarding Gay surrogacy in Colombia will get started. Once the tests and screening are done, every party involved needs to sign a contract outlining their roles and responsibilities during the surrogacy program.

    Initiating the IVF process

    Once the contract agreement has been signed between the parties, we would then initiate the IVF process. This would be done while mixing the sperm and eggs received from the egg or sperm donor. The entire process of surrogacy for 2 dads in Colombia will be conducted with the assistance and cooperation of our Colombian IVF clinic partners.

    Embryos are generated during the IVF process in Colombia, and the same would be implanted into the womb of the surrogate mother in Colombia. After the embryo has been implanted into the surrogate mother’s uterus, tests to confirm her pregnancy will be performed.

    Surrogate mother carrying the child

    The surrogate mother in Colombia would then carry the child to term. Expectant parents will be kept informed about their child’s growth at every stage of the pregnancy using an online pregnancy monitoring program (including ultrasounds, lab tests, psychological evaluations, and social work). We’ll start preparing your excursions to Bogotá to greet your new baby as the due date approaches.

    Why we are the best?

    At Gaia Fertility, we are a team of surrogacy professionals that have worked in the ART domain for years. Our experts carry all the required knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your parental goals in the most effective way possible.

    For a consultation for Gay surrogacy in Colombia, contact one of our client service coordinators now!

    Gay surrogacy in Colombia

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    surrogacy for same sex in colombia

    surrogacy for gay couples in colombia

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