Surrogate mother in Colombia

 Surrogate mother in ColombiaSurrogate mother in Colombia has a big role to play in the entire process related to surrogacy in Colombia. So, you got to be really careful while making an informed choice in the same regard. Surrogacy in Colombia is unregulated, so the intended parents must know that any surrogacy contract is not enforceable by law in the country.

Hence, it is really crucial to associate with a reputed and trusted surrogacy clinic in Colombia like Gaia Fertility. This way, you can always stay wary of making any decision that can put a dent to your parenthood dreams via surrogacy in Colombia.

Colombia is the apparent choice for intending parents looking for a surrogate because the country has more alternatives for any intended parent. Surrogacy is also available to homosexual couples, single men, and single women under this program.

Colombia is gradually becoming one of the most desired international locations for surrogacy due to its reduced cost of living and considerable advances in infertility treatments and drugs.

Surrogate mother in Colombia: Key Points to consider!

 Surrogate mother cost in ColombiaOne of the best parts of pursuing surrogacy in Colombia is that the constitution here approves surrogacy for everyone regardless of their sexual orientation. As a result, whether married or not, Colombia welcomes all intending (heterosexual, same-sex, single) couples under the age of 50.

Furthermore, Article 100 of the Colombian Constitution offers Intended Foreigner couples, same-sex, single parents, married or unmarried, the same civic rights and protections.

However, the following requirements must be met first:

Only altruistic surrogacy is legal in Colombia, and the surrogate mother in Colombia is compensated for her time and efforts; surrogate eggs should not be utilized in IVF; and the surrogate mother must not have any psychiatric difficulties that might affect her pregnancy.

Even though the criterion specifies that surrogacy is altruistic, a surrogate mother is rewarded, educated, and financially supported during the entire procedure.

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    Who can become a surrogate mother in Colombia?

    Any woman that fulfils the following criterion is eligible to become surrogate mother in Colombia

    • She must be between the ages of 21 and 37 to be eligible.
    • She must have previously having given birth to one or more children of her own with a clean medical history and a healthy infant.
    • She must have signed an agreement and given her consent to be a surrogate if she wishes to be one.
    • Both physically and psychologically, the surrogate is in good health.
    • She must endure a number of psychiatric and physical therapies before embryo implantation, as well as medical examinations before, during, and after the pregnancy.

    Finding the surrogate mother in Colombia

     Surrogacy in ColombiaThere are two ways of searching a surrogate mother in Colombia: you either connect with a local friend or family member or simply hire the services of a surrogacy clinic in Colombia. While going by youself entails a hectic and stressful process, getting along with a reputed surrogacy agency in Colombia is highly recommended.

    At Gaia Fertility, our expert medical professionals are highly qualified and skilled to help you all along your surrogacy journey. Furthermore, our specialists rigorously verify and examine surrogates to guarantee that they have a high likelihood of becoming pregnant.

    Our objective is to offer you with that long anticipated blessing of child without facing any issues or difficulties. Furthermore, we understand that the Colombian constitution prohibits a surrogate mother from using her own eggs in IVF, necessitating the use of an egg donor.

    So, we will guide and assist the intended parents as they proceed with their first steps regarding surrogacy in Colombia.

    Using an Egg donor in Colombia

    Intended mothers who are unable to conceive naturally owing to advanced reproductive age, low egg quality, genetic defects, or have already had surgery or other medical issues can use donor eggs. Colombian law protects the donor’s identity so every egg donation program has to be anonymous. They must also follow the ART requirements for donating eggs.

    In Colombia, egg donation is a regular practice that is well-respected and well-maintained by reputable and professional surrogacy clinics in Colombia. It pledges to provide couples contemplating egg donation with the greatest degree of quality, sensitivity, and compassion, and to make their parenthood dreams, a reality.

    Why we are the best?

    At Gaia Fertility, we are a team of the best medical professionals that have years of experience and expertise in the ART field. So, you can rest assured of receiving all the customised support and care best suited to your needs during surrogacy in Colombia.

    To make it easier and convenient for you, we have further partnered with some of the best IVF clinics and agencies in Colombia. For a free consultation, contact our specialists now!

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