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Surrogacy for Gay couples in Argentina

surrogacy for gay couples argentinaSurrogacy for Gay couples in Argentina is permissible since the country doesn’t have any legal framework in the same context. However, if you live in Argentina or are considering same-sex surrogacy there, you got to connect with an expert surrogacy clinic in Argentina for the best services and satisfaction.

In 2012, the government made it permissible for a gay couple to be acknowledged as parents. Since surrogacy laws in Argentina allowed surrogacy for LGBT couples, many homosexual couples have shown interest in pursuing surrogacy for same sex in Argentina.

Choosing a surrogate mother

All intended parents, including single people and same-sex couples, have the option of asking a friend or relative to act as their gestational carrier. Although we advise you to rely on experienced agencies to match with your surrogate and make your journey comfortable.

Is it legal to pursue Gay surrogacy in Argentina?

As mentioned earlier, Argentina doesn’t come with any legal framework regarding surrogacy for same-sex in the country. So, one can pursue Gay surrogacy in Argentina without any issues. As Argentina comes over as the first Latin American country to allow surrogacy for same-sex in the country, we can say that you can proceed with your plans without any concerns.

Intended parents must know that Surrogacy is more expensive and time-consuming for homosexual couples than it is for heterosexual ones. Our professionals at Gaia Fertility, on the other hand, will walk you through the procedure and help you make it as stress-free as possible. In the sections below, you’ll walk through some more details regarding surrogacy for LGBT couples in Argentina, including how it works, how much it costs, and where you can get the best surrogacy treatment in the country.

What surrogacy options are available for LGBT couples in Argentina?

Usually, there are two types of surrogacy options available for Gay couples in Argentina: traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy. The traditional surrogacy is currently only utilised in a few nations, while the majority of them now employ gestational surrogacy, so the surrogate mother will have no biological tie to the kid born.

During traditional surrogacy in Argentina, the intended father’s sperm gets fertilized with the surrogate mother’s egg. The use of a surrogate’s egg implies that the kid will inherit the surrogate’s DNA, which is why this sort of surrogacy isn’t as common among intended parents. Furthermore, in the conventional way of conception, the egg is fertilised using artificial insemination.

On the other hand, the intended mother’s or donor’s egg is fertilised with sperm from the intended father in gestational surrogacy, and the embryo is then placed in the womb of surrogate mother in Argentina. The surrogate does not share DNA with the kid because the ovum utilised in the treatment is not hers.

Argentina offers a vast pool of candidates for egg donations and surrogacy. Regarding the child to which she will give birth for the intended parents, the surrogate has no rights. A contract between the surrogate and the intended parents states that the surrogate has no procreational will before the embryo transfer. The intended parents are the baby’s legal parents in accordance with this contract. The intended parents’ names will appear on a birth certificate. Because sperm and egg donations are private in Argentina, there is no database where parents could view the images of prospective recipients. 

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    Surrogacy for same sex couples in Argentina: How does it works?

    surrogacy for 2 dads argentina

    Surrogacy is a realistic option for people who are unable to conceive a child of their own for a variety of reasons, including infertility. This assisted conception procedure has allowed homosexual couples to conceive biological children. In this article, we’ve outlined the steps involved in surrogacy for same sex in Argentina.

    Locating the surrogate mother

    A gestational carrier or surrogate can be found through a surrogacy agency in Argentina or by contacting your local hospital. If you’ve decided on a surrogate, the next step is to prepare a legal contract that outlines all of the important facts and issues surrounding surrogacy, which you’ll then send to the surrogates for gay couples Argentina for approval. Both parties will be expected to sign the agreement in its present form after they have reached a mutual understanding. The contract might be drafted with the help of a lawyer or an attorney who specialises in ART law.

    Kick starting the IVF process

    During Surrogacy for 2 dads in Argentina, the full IVF treatment procedure will be completed including egg retrieval, sperm extraction/collection, fertilisation, and embryo transfer. The donor egg will be utilised instead of an egg produced from the intended mother in homosexual surrogacy, and the rest of the procedure would remain the same. The intended couples can pick the egg donor themselves and our specialists will match them with an egg donor who meets the couple’s requirements.

    Once done, one of the dads will submit a sperm sample for the fertilisation procedure, which will occur after the donor egg has been chosen. For fertilisation, the intended father’s sperm and the donor egg will be mixed in a laboratory. After that, the doctor sets an embryo transfer date after observing proper fertilisation of the embryos in the lab.

    Embryo transfer

    After fertilisation, the professionals would only need 30-40 minutes to put the best developed embryo into the uterus of the surrogate mother in Argentina.
    An expert from our side will then contact the surrogate after the embryo transfer to schedule a pregnancy test. Once the pregnancy has been verified, the surrogate mother will be monitored till she carries the baby to term for the intended parents.

    When the baby is born, the surrogate will give the infant to the intended parents in accordance with the contract.

    What are the ways of compensating surrogates during surrogacy for Gay couples in Argentina?

    surrogacy for gay couples argentina costWhen it comes to surrogacy for same sex in Argentina, there are two payment options: compensatory and altruistic.
    In this payment approach, a fixed sum is provided to the surrogate as compensation in addition to the costs of treatment, medicine, food, and accommodation. The surrogate in the compensation method is unknown to the intended parents.

    The intended parents do not need to give any financial remuneration for surrogacy under the altruistic technique. An altruistic surrogate is a member of the intended parents’ family or a close friend who is willingly offering her surrogacy services.

    Irrespective of the form of surrogacy you choose during surrogacy for LGBT couples in Argentina, our professionals at Gaia Fertility will be there to assist you at every step of the way. Contact one of our consultants to know more about our services!

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