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Are you a same-sex female couple?
Are you thinking about building a family together?

ROPA, which stands for Reception of Oocytes from Partner, is an increasingly popular
IVF treatment allowing same-sex female couples to equally share in family creation.

Gone are the days when being a female same sex couple, you got to think hundred times while pursuing your dreams of achieving parenthood. With the advent of ROPA (Reception of Oocytes from the Partner), a procedure that allows same-sex couples to ‘share motherhood’, even female sex couples can think of getting their parenthood dreams realised.

This method entails an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment in which one woman donates her oocytes while the other contributes her uterus. As a result, both women can take an active role in the process, resulting in a full-term pregnancy and the arrival of a healthy baby.

The ROPA method offers shared motherhood  to both partners whereby one woman contributes her eggs and the other contributes her uterus for the continuation of pregnancy. Thus both women can actively participate & feel a part of their family creation (

All of our treatments are performed at our state-of-the-art fertility clinic, involving the most advanced technologies and highly skilled and dedicated staff. Our experienced coordinators are close-at-hand to accompany you along this journey and ensure your comfort along the way.

Sperm donation options include donors from our personal bank as well as any bank of your choosing.

You are both invited to visit our clinic, meet our staff, and consult with our head specialist in order to determine your individual medical protocols. This will enable you both to arrive prepared on your next visit to Cyprus where one of you will be “donating” her eggs while the other prepares her womb to accept the embryos expertly created in our lab. All that remains then is to wait for a positive result, or try again, till pregnant.

In what circumstances is ROPA recommended?

Same-sex female couples that want to share parenthood and become active participants in the reproductive process, either because they want to or because one of the partners has a medical condition, can opt for ROPA. This may include:

  • Changes in oocyte quality
  • The absence of one’s own oocytes
  • Ovarian insufficiency or severe dysfunction
  • Any sickness has a chance of being passed down through the generations.
  • Genetic or chromosomal anomalies
  • Failures of previous fertility procedures

How it works?

The ROPA is distinguished by the active participation of both women in the IVF process. The genetic mother of the born child will be one of them, while the gestational mother will be the other.

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    Pharmacological Treatment

    • The woman who donates her oocytes will go through the same procedure as a traditional IVF patient.
    • She will first undergo ovarian stimulation in order to develop follicles in order to obtain the most number of oocytes possible.
    • Throughout the surgery, the patient will be monitored with a U/S scan and hormonal blood tests on a regular basis.
    • The mature oocytes are retrieved from the ovaries once the follicles have attained the right size. It’s a quick and painless treatment that takes no longer than 15 minutes and is performed under anesthesia.

    Preparation of Sperm

    After being thawed, a cryopreserved (frozen) sperm sample from an anonymous donor is prepared in the lab to split and choose the finest sperm cells for fertilization.
    The sperm and oocytes are then mixed for many hours in an incubator that creates ideal fertilization conditions.

    Embryo Transfer and Fertilization

    • After the oocytes have been collected and the sperm from an anonymous donor has been processed (capacited), they are fertilized and maintained in the lab under monitoring until the day of transfer.
    • Meanwhile, the lady who will be the recipient of the embryo begins treatment to prepare her uterus and improve the odds of embryo implantation.
    • Endometrial preparation necessitates the administration of hormones such as oestrogens and progesterone to achieve the desired endometrial thickness.

    At Gaia Fertility, we will choose the best quality embryo to be put into the uterine cavity once the gestational mother’s uterus is ready for implantation. The Embryo Transfer is a simple, rapid process that requires no anesthesia or recuperation time. A beta-hCG test will be performed 15 days following the embryo transfer to confirm pregnancy.

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    Why we are the best

    All of our procedures are carried out at our state of the art fertility clinic, which employs the most cutting-edge technologies and a highly competent and devoted team. Our knowledgeable coordinators will be with you every step of the way to ensure your safety and comfort.

    Donors from our personal donor bank as well as any bank of your choice are available for sperm donation. We welcome you to come to our clinic, meet our team, and speak with our head specialist about your specific medical needs.

    This will allow you both to be prepared for your upcoming trip to Cyprus, where one of you will be “donating” eggs while the other prepares her womb to accept the embryos skilfully fertilised in our lab. Then it’s only a matter of waiting for a positive result or trying again till you get pregnant.

    Contact one of our coordinators to have a free consultation on ROPA or simply scroll through our website to know more about other treatment options!

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