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Surrogacy For Intended Single Parents

Thanks to the greater appreciation for different types of families and the ever evolving world we live in, surrogacy for singles has become more common as a way to build a family of your own.



Single parent surrogacy is most certainly possible, but there are some important issues you may wish to cover before moving forward.  

Single intended parents generally experience the same process, enjoy the same benefits and face the same challenges as couples pursuing surrogacy, with a few exceptions.

Being well supported, emotionally as well as practically such as everyday life
arrangements, child care if needed and just to have a helping hand available when needed, are important factors to take into consideration before starting your journey.

In the UK for example, until very recently, the U.K. law discriminated against parents who were single to pursue surrogacy. However, on the 3rd of January 2019 new law came into force making parental orders which give parenthood to the intended parents after the birth and extinguish the status of the surrogate available to single parents as well as to couples. To apply, single parents need to be their child’s biological parent, which we know continues to exclude some single parents, particularly single mothers. However other creative legal solutions are available, depending on your situation.

Usually, the surrogacy process for single parents is the same as it is for other intended parents. Still the process, rules, and guidelines differ from country to country. Let’s say surrogacy for singles in UK requires a person to submit a list of documents and credentials.

Now, the same set of documents may or may not be required in case of surrogacy for singles in Argentina. That said, the medical procedure would stay the same. An embryo is created via in vitro fertilisation (IVF), which is subsequently brought to term by a surrogate mother.

A single parent needs to take the services of a surrogate mother, where the eggs taken from a donor are further used to develop the embryo in a laboratory. Most intended parents, on the other hand, choose for gestational surrogacy, in which the surrogate (also known as a gestational carrier) is not connected to the baby biologically.

While many individuals are able to utilise the intending mother’s egg and the intended father’s sperm in gestational surrogacy, every intended parent in case of surrogacy for singles, would have to use an egg or sperm donor. This comes as the primary distinction between single-parent surrogacy and surrogacy for couples.

At Gaia fertility, we will assist you in finding both a donor and a surrogate at the same time. So, no matter if you are looking for surrogacy for singles in Ukraine or surrogacy for singles in Cyprus, we’ll stay right by your side at every step of the journey.

Besides, we will take the assistance from our partner IVf clinics, sperm banks and egg donors in our database. Single intended parents also have the option of working with a verified donor, such as a family friend. The surrogacy procedure will proceed as it would be for any other intended parent once you’ve found your donor.

Surrogacy Laws for Single Parents

A surrogacy law for single parents varies according to the state or country you are pursuing surrogacy in. So the laws in relation to the surrogacy for singles Colombia may not be the same as compared to surrogacy for singles Argentina.

The legal surrogacy process, on the other hand, is far from straightforward. Regulations differ by state, and because surrogacy is a relatively new technique of family formation, many of these laws are ambiguous and apply differently in different situations.

If you’re thinking about surrogacy for singles, all you need to do is talk to our coordinators on the provided contact details. 

How surrogacy for single parents is beneficial?

When it comes to creating a family, prospective parents have many alternatives, and single intended parents must weigh all of the benefits and drawbacks of surrogacy before committing to the process. The following are some of the benefits of single-parent surrogacy:

  • Surrogacy permits people to become parents even if they don’t have a spouse.
  • Intended parents have the option of keeping biological links to their children.
  • Surrogacy can help families and surrogates form meaningful, long-term relationships.
  • Because many birth moms prefer two-parent households, single-parent surrogacy may be simpler in some situations than adoption.

The only drawback of single parent surrogacy is the high cost associated to it in contrary to other surrogacy options. Still, there’s no bigger feeling that having one’s own biological child and that supersede every other aspect in the same context.

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