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Surrogacy in Colombia

surrogacy in colombiaSurrogacy in Colombia has long piqued the attention of most childless couples all over the world. However, due to a lack of knowledge and updates on the subject, the majority of these couples were unable to progress in the same context.

Following COVID-19, the Colombian government has declared the reopening of surrogacy services. However, expect some delays in medical procedures and other important aspects for intended parents. LGBT couples are also protected by statute from all forms of discrimination.

Here at Gaia fertility, we’ll guide you towards the most suitable surrogacy plan, while keeping all of your specific requirements and expectations into consideration.

Is surrogacy legal in Colombia? Colombia surrogacy laws and legal parenthood

surrogacy laws in colombiaYes, surrogacy is legal in Colombia. Surrogacy laws in Colombia generally protects assisted reproduction, and the Constitutional Court has endorsed surrogacy in particular.

Children born through surrogacy have full rights under Colombia’s national constitution. As stated in the Constitution, “Children born in or out of marriage, adopted and procreated naturally or with scientific assistance, have equal rights and duties.” The right to citizenship and birth registration are also guaranteed in Colombia, even if the child is born via surrogate.

The Colombian constitution also guarantees access to surrogacy and related ART procedures for same-sex couples and single parents. As long as there is a genetic connection to the child, any intended parents may pursue surrogacy in Colombia because the law protects these groups from discrimination.

Article 100 of the Constitution extends equal rights to foreigners as well, giving them the same civil rights and protections as Colombian citizens.

Why is Surrogacy in Colombia is highly popular among International parents?

Colombia is currently ranked #22 in the world for “Best Healthcare System,” according to a recent World Health Organization poll. Canada and the United States, on the other hand, are ranked #37 and #30, respectively, in the same study. Furthermore, América Economa has compiled a list of Latin America’s best hospitals, which includes over 20 Colombian hospitals.

This, among many other factors, is one of the main reasons why this country attracts a large number of medical tourists throughout the year. What’s more amazing is the Colombian Constitution’s indiscrimination, which permits anybody, regardless of sexual orientation, to participate in surrogacy as long as the kid has a genetic relationship with one of the parents.

Is surrogacy for LGBTQ couples in Colombia legal?

In 2016, the Constitutional Court made same-sex marriage or surrogacy for gay couples in Colombia legal. In a prior groundbreaking ruling in 2015, it permitted homosexual parents’ adoption. Marriage and parenting rules that are so permissive are uncommon at any place around the world.

Foreigners, including international surrogacy applicants, have identical civil rights under the constitution. Hence, we can say that intended parents can easily opt for surrogacy for same sex in Colombia.

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    Key points to consider during surrogacy for couples in Colombia

    Following the birth of the child, intending parents must go through a procedure to get their names added to the birth certificate as legal parents. However, there is no requirement to get a pre-birth order. As a result, intended parents are relieved that there aren’t too many complicated legal procedures involved with surrogacy.

    Besides, before proceeding with Gestational surrogacy in Colombia, intended parents must keep the following considerations in mind.

    • Intended parents must present a legitimate medical reason for their inability to conceive.
    • The surrogate’s eggs should not be utilized in IVF surrogacy. This means that only gestational surrogacy is allowed if there is no biological relationship between the child and the surrogate mother in Colombia.
    • The entire procedure should be non-commercial or altruistic.
    • Adulthood, sound mental and physical health, and a childbearing history are all conditions that the surrogate mother must meet.
    • The surrogate mother should undergo a thorough medical and physical examination.
    • Once the intended parents and the surrogate have signed the surrogacy contract, she won’t be able to stop the child from being born in case of sound health
    • Only a medical indication allows the surrogate mother with permission of surrogate clinics in Colombia to terminate the pregnancy.
    • The biological parents cannot reject the child under any circumstances.
    • The child is not left vulnerable if one or both biological parents die before its birth. To support this, the parents must mention a nominee in the agreement beforehand.
    • Surrogacy for HIV in Colombia is permissible on furnishing all the supportive medical documents and reports

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    surrogacy agencies in colombia

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    How is surrogacy in Colombia beneficial for your surrogacy aspirations?

    Because of the finest quality medical support, cheap surrogacy costs, a proper legal framework, and top medical professionals, Colombia is an ideal location for all surrogacy-seeking couples. In addition, the government made same-sex marriages lawful and simplified adoption, as well as ensured that all surrogacy services are available to everyone regardless of sexual orientation at the surrogacy clinic in Colombia. This, along with a number of other considerations, has made this country one of the most preferred surrogacy destinations.

    What draws tons of thousands of medical tourists to Colombia each year?

    Colombia attracts a huge number of medical tourists from all over the world due to its world-class medical care system and professional fertility experts. There are many surrogacy agencies in colombia with the most Experience, Affordable, Safe treatment options to build your family. A Colombian citizen is entitled to the country’s basic public health insurance, which includes surrogate mothers and babies as well.

    Even if you are an international couple seeking single parent surrogacy in Colombia without access to health insurance, the cost is rather modest in comparison to many other countries. With access to hundreds of exotic sights and tourist destinations, prospective parents may make the most of their time in the country.

    Cost of surrogacy in Colombia

    Colombia surrogacy agencyOne of the most convincing reasons for couples to consider Gestational surrogacy Colombia is the relatively inexpensive cost of the procedure. A basic medical checkup in one of Colombia surrogacy agency costs around $50.

    On the other hand, the cost of surrogacy in Colombia may come in between $60,000 to $80,000, depending on the type of surrogacy plan and other services you select.

    Colombia has authorized homosexual surrogacy, allowing many gay couples to visit the country and realize their dreams of becoming parents with the help of any surrogacy agency in Colombia. As a result of its world-class medical infrastructure, health-care services, low-cost surrogacy services, and Spanish-English-speaking professionals, Colombia surrogacy is an ideal choice for any intended parent. However, before making any important decision in the same context, getting in touch with a Gaia fertility coordinator is highly recommended.

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