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Surrogacy For LGBT Couples

Surrogacy is becoming the more popular choice amongst the LQBTQ community, as adoption has proved to be complicated and time consuming with many limitations. Surrogacy also gives you the opportunity of having a child who is genetically linked to you. However, there are a few considerations to navigate through & consider, prior to starting your journey.


Surrogacy for LGBTQ couples

Surrogacy has gone a long way since it first became popular a decade ago. Even after going through a complete reaction on the social and political front, same-sex marriage and parenting have progressed in the communities due to the changing nature and dimensions of the social structure. While most nations have relaxed their laws around same-sex marriage and parenting, Same-sex surrogacy has entered the scene as well.

Most nations have approved same-sex parenting, which has resulted in a high demand for surrogate mothers. So, you can easily find an agency offering surrogacy for LGBT couples in the UK or any other country. Gaia fertility has stepped in to provide the best surrogacy services to all same-sex parents across the world through their extensive network of IVF facilities and surrogacy organisations.

Here at Gaia fertility, we understand the stress that all same-sex parents experience while pursuing their aspirations of becoming parents. Hence, we always ensure to provide the finest medical care and support available. We are certain that, even though same-sex parenting or any other country appears to be a daunting prospect, it can be pursued with the proper planning, assistance, and techniques.

Surrogacy For gays in Cyprus

Ready to become a parent as an LGBTQ individual or couple?

Surrogacy is an excellent option for gay men and LGBTQ individuals or couples who are ready to expand their families. This path to parenthood allows same-sex couples to fulfill their parenting dream while maintaining a genetic link to their children.

We can help you through every detail and find the most suitable solution to fit your requirements.

If you are a same sex couple wishing to embark upon a surrogacy journey, there will
be decisions that you will need to make in order to create the family that will best
work for you both, such as:


What are the available surrogacy options for LGBTQ couples?

Surrogacy for LGBT Couples in UK


Including a gestational surrogate and an egg/sperm donor in a surrogacy agreement is highly recommended regardless of whether you are pursuing surrogacy for LGBT couples in the USA or any other country. This needs to be done for most LGBTQ couples since one of the parents will have a biological link to the kid. Although many jurisdictions prevent same-sex couples from adopting, surrogacy assures that you will be acknowledged as the legal parents of the kid despite the fact that you are biologically related to him.

Gaia Fertility has a large reference list of competent attorneys who have years of experience dealing with most complicated legal ramifications in relation to surrogacy for LGBT couples in Colombia and other countries. As a result, you will receive all of the necessary assistance and counselling during your surrogacy journey.

LGBTQ couples can use sperm or egg donor

During the surrogacy process, the birth certificate for the kid will be issued under the intended father’s name with a brief mention of the surrogate mother (in relation to surrogacy for 2 dads). This will depend on the legislation in each state regarding LGBTQ parenting, but we will make sure that your surrogacy journey goes as smoothly as possible and without any legal hiccups.

In relation to the surrogacy for 2 dads in the UK or any other country, we also provide related sperm/egg donation and surrogacy services, and they may choose the ideal surrogacy arrangement according to their needs.

When it comes to LGBTQ couples (women), we offer specialised donor sperms as well as surrogate mother services (when required). To make the procedure go as smoothly as possible, we’ve teamed up with some of the finest and most well-known sperm banks and sperm donors from both local and Caucasian origins.

Contact one of our client coordinators today if you are looking for surrogacy for 2 dads in Cyprus, Argentina, the UK, the USA or any other preferred destination.

Surrogacy for LGBT Couples in cyprus
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