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We offer a personalized service to patients of all status’ seeking IVF, ROPA, donor egg or sperm. 


In vitro fertilization (IVF)

Our quality, individualy tailored service starts from the first point of contact,  where we can assist with the following:

Often patients find having follow-up care available (with emergency after hours access)  very helpful and reassuring during treatment cycles. our aim is to support you emotionally and medically and guide you through the process maintaining effective communication, ensuring all details are taken care Of.

Egg Donation

Taking the decision to use an egg donor can be emotionally difficult, however necessary and a vital point in your journey. The following can be attributed to the need for donor eggs:

Oocyte donors are women between the ages of 21 and 32 who are considerably healthy. They are known to have good proven fertility levels, alongside healthy

medical, psychological, and family backgrounds. We have modelled our oocyte donation procedure according to the official published guidelines to provide you with a quality health service you can trust.

Our Egg Donors

In order to provide you with the best service, our team screens and selects a wide variety of international egg donors. Our donors are aged from 21-32 years old and are ready to start treatment.

Each donor profile includes:

Egg donor screening and tests:

The donors undergo a thorough screening process designed to determine they are healthy contributors. All prospective donors are assessed for the following tests:


Are you a same-sex female couple?
Are you thinking about building a family together?

ROPA, which stands for Reception of Oocytes from Partner, is an increasingly popular
IVF treatment allowing same-sex female couples to equally share in family creation.

The ROPA method offers shared motherhood  to both partners whereby one woman contributes her eggs and the other contributes her uterus for the continuation of pregnancy. Thus both women can actively participate & feel a part of their family creation (

All of our treatments are performed at our state-of -art fertility clinic, involving the most advanced technologies and highly skilled and dedicated staff. Our experienced coordinators are close-at-hand to accompany you along this journey and ensure your comfort along the way.

Sperm donation options include donors from our personal bank as well as any bank of your choosing.

You are both invited to visit our clinic, meet our staff, and consult with our head specialist in order to determine your individual medical protocols. This will enable you both to arrive prepared on your next visit to Cyprus where one of you will be “donating” her eggs while the other prepares her womb to accept the embryos expertly created in our lab. All that remains then is to wait for a positive result, or try again, till pregnant.

Let us help create your family!

For more information don’t hesitate to call us & start your treatment today

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