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Surrogacy for HIV in Cyprus

surrogacy for HIV positive menAs we know, surrogacy isn’t controlled or regulated by law in Cyprus, so one can easily pursue surrogacy in Cyprus without being concerned about their sexual orientation. Yet, when it comes to Surrogacy for HIV Cyprus, there are few rules and regulations that have been laid down by the health department of the country.

Being an intended parent, you must know that HIV is no longer incurable or untreatable. As a result of recent medical developments, people with HIV can expect to live as long as those without the disease. Surrogacy for HIV in Cyprus is also a fantastic option for all HIV-infected people, regardless of their sexual orientation, to claim the long-awaited satisfaction of having their own kid.

When you get along with a reputed organization like Gaia Fertility, you can rest assured that your well-being and safety are our top priorities. With our partner clinic and other organizations, we will use the most advanced assisted reproduction procedures, laboratory testing, and preventative measures to ensure the health of you and your future kid.

How does surrogacy for HIV in Cyprus work?

The process is more or less similar for HIV infected male or female partners. Being an intended parent, you must know that HIV-positive men’s sperm was first cleaned for use in insemination by HIV-negative women in 1992. Beyond the emergence of HIV regimens that completely suppress the virus, these approaches have progressed significantly since that time thanks to the advancements in the medical science.

So, even if you are HIV positive male, you can still have a child through surrogacy for HIV in Cyprus. That being stated, you must be prepared for a list of tests and diagnosis all the way. On the other hand, when it’s about a female pursuing surrogacy for HIV, the tests and diagnosis are a bit detailed.

When an HIV-positive woman is transferred an embryo, there has been no transmission of the virus to an HIV-negative person, as per numerous reports and surveys. There are no gaps here, as this includes all of the scientific findings that allowed doctors to detect HIV in the blood and prescribe a drug that completely suppresses HIV.

In almost 4000 cases of HIV-positive sperm used for intrauterine insemination, IVF, or ICSI, not a single HIV-negative gestational carrier has developed HIV.

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    Surrogacy for HIV in Cyprus: what do you need to know?

    Before starting ahead with surrogacy for HIV in Cyprus, there are few things that you must know in prior. An HIV-infected person on antiretroviral treatment with an undetectable viral load can’t transmit the virus during the sexual intercourse. Embryos developed from HIV-infected sperm can be implanted into the uterus of a surrogate mother in Cyprus after cleansing and washing; therefore this might be used in surrogacy.

    Surrogacy cost for hiv in cyprusTo be considered non-infectious for surrogacy for HIV Cyprus, a person must meet the following criteria:

    • HIV treatment programs and all recommended medications must be adhered to
    • No additional sexually transmitted infections or an undetectable viral load for a minimum of six months must be met.

    To ensure the safety of the Surrogate Mother, the Intended Parent must take the following steps:

    • A 6-month history of a viral load that is undetectable must be provided
    • Undergo testing for sexually transmitted diseases
    • In order to ensure that no virus is detected, provide as many semen samples for testing as possible. There will be no further use of the samples once they have been tested for HIV.

    For further protection, the Surrogate Mother in Cyprus will be given antiviral medication before and following the embryo transfer. Pregnant women can safely take this medication during the first trimester of their pregnancy.

    Surrogate of HIV patientsBeing a surrogate mother in Cyprus for an intended parent who is HIV positive might be a difficult option. Anyone else cannot make this decision for you. Being the most recognized surrogacy agency in Cyprus, we at Gaia Fertility ensure that the health and safety of an HIV-positive Intended Parent will not be jeopardized by having a child via surrogacy.

    A child delivered to a surrogate mother in Cyprus will have healthy parents and a grateful and deserving family, thanks to advances in HIV treatment. HIV should not be a barrier to having children or experiencing the joys of motherhood, we believe.

    It is with great joy that we at Gaia Fertility are educating our communities about inclusive surrogacy for HIV in Cyprus. We believe that everyone should have the chance to become a parent and create a family, regardless of their health issues and other circumstances.

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