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Surrogacy for HIV+ in Colombia

Surrogacy for HIV positive in ColombiaSurrogacy for HIV in Colombia is a viable alternative for all the couples and individuals that have struggled with this critical illness in the past and now want to realise their parenthood dreams via surrogacy.

Intended parents must know that a list of HIV treatment alternatives has been developed by medical science in recent years. As a result, even couples with this HIV infection can look forward to that light at the end of the tunnel.

According to medical research, one out of every four persons worldwide is infected with the HIV virus. Furthermore, the patient’s condition previously made it hard for them to live a “normal” life. However, new technology and therapeutic assistance have only lately made a pleasant existence feasible for both sexes.

As of now, even couples struggling with HIV can have healthy children with the support of our specialised program related to surrogacy for HIV in Colombia.

Surrogacy for HIV in Colombia: How to go for it?

Intended parents must know that the procedure regarding surrogacy for HIV Colombia would be a bit complicated. HIV-positive people must follow a stringent drug regimen to keep the virus from circulating in their nerves above an undetectable level. The doctor must be informed of the plans in order to administer the necessary therapy and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Depending on the route of transmission, the virus can be isolated in a variety of ways, not just during pregnancy. Besides, the process is a bit different for male and female patients.

Process for Male patients

Males should consider artificial insemination utilizing the sperm-washing process. This procedure is used to collect sperm samples and separate them from other components. All of the experiments have so far proven effective in this respect. As a result, we may conclude that this coordinated effort can result in healthy HIV pregnancies. Fertilization, on the other hand, requires hormonal regulation of the woman’s cycle in order to match the DNA of both parents. In Colombia, pregnancy rates for HIV carriers range from 50 to 60%, and the first attempt is frequently unsuccessful. The procedure is determined by the patient’s immunity, the quality of the pregnant woman’s genetic material, and seminal washing.

The second through fourth steps are the same as in a conventional pregnancy. Seminograms, psychological evaluations, blood tests, and illness analyses are just a few of the procedures that must be completed as part of the process.

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    Process for Female patients during surrogacy for HIV patients

    surrogacy for hiv in colombiaThe procedure in the case of females is a bit different. The HIV patient has to start taking medicine and required treatment. In the female population, up to 20% of the danger of infection for the newborn can be averted.

    To protect her unborn child against the virus, a mother must ensure that fertilization must be done by IVF process in Colombia if the male partner is not affected by the virus. On the other side, if the illness process is to remain stable and exhibits no recent alterations that might impact the mother’s health, planning the pregnancy ahead of time with the support of specialized experts is vital.

    Reasons that may jeopardize the proper development of the fetus cannot be increased or lessened. Psychological testing, blood and uterine analyses, hormonal assessments, and hysterosalpingography are all required to provide an accurate HIV diagnosis.

    Process for Male and female patients during HIV surrogacy

    Seropositive couples should be aware that following the doctor’s recommendations is essential for a risk-free pregnancy. The best way to get pregnant is to employ assisted reproductive technology (ARTs). If the patient is at an advanced stage and requires a transplant, a donor may be a possible choice depending on the circumstances.

    Seminal washing is a procedure for males to guarantee that genetic material is passed without causing any undesired side effects. Communication with the doctor is critical for both parties’ well-being if the doctor in charge is aware of the patient’s reproductive potential and has the authority to accept or disapprove the plan.

    surrogacy agency for HIV patients

    Furthermore, before considering surrogacy for HIV Colombia, its control must be maintained for a long time. Choose a renowned  HIV surrogacy clinic that can take care of HIV-positive pregnancies. Hence, it is always recommended to choose a trusted and reputed name like Gaia Fertility for the same task.

    The outcome of this therapy is less uncertain than artificial insemination conducted on people who are not afflicted with the virus. The couple or individual with the infection should explain their position and seek advice from our expert professionals in this regard.

    To keep the environment risk-free, the individual must internalize the value of caring for others. Preventing illness in the family begins with good pregnancy management and we, at Gaia Fertility, take utmost care of the same aspect.

    In Colombia, our partner IVF facilities are qualified to deliver risk-free surrogacy for HIV in Colombia. You may feel confident that you will receive the best possible care during every stage given the vast experience of our professionals in the same field. Please contact our professionals today in case you have any queries regarding our program related to surrogacy for HIV.

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