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IVF treatment in Cyprus

IVF in Cyprus

Over the years, IVF has proved its significance as the most feasible treatment option for any infertility issues in both men and women. Yet, it necessitates ongoing research, investments in new and contemporary technologies, development, and, most importantly, the ability to deliver the highest quality treatment by IVF treatment centres or clinics.

Even when we talk about IVF treatment in Cyprus, all of these factors and elements would come into play. Besides, couples or individuals need to connect with a reputed IVf treatment clinic in Cyprus like Gaia Fertility. Now, as an individual decides on pursuing IVF, they have to make up their mind in regard to IVF treatment cost in Cyprus. Here, we take a detailed look at every aspect and element in the same context.

How much does IVF treatment cost in Cyprus?

ivf treatment clinic cyprus

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a sort of assisted reproductive technology that allows couples to conceive by fertilising the egg and sperm outside of the woman’s body. Because IVF procedures are more expensive than other infertility therapies, you can expect the IVF treatment cost in Cyprus to be on the higher side.

A number of IVF cycles performed, random fertility tests, consultations from fertility experts, and medicinal costs are some of the major elements in relation to IVF treatment costs in Cyprus.

Things to consider while opting for IVF treatment in Cyprus

When deciding on IVF treatment at a certain IVF treatment clinic in Cyprus, one must ensure that they will receive:

  • High-quality IVF treatment and diagnosis options
  • Additional therapies to improve the likelihood of IVF success
  • The highly supportive and caring atmosphere
  • A fertility team that is both professional and efficient
  • Availability of treatment options regardless of age or sexual orientation.

When all of the following factors are considered in conjunction with the IVF treatment cost in Cyprus, the treatment can be considered ethical and affordable.

Why should you pursue IVF treatment in Cyprus?

Affordable treatment options

cost of ivf treatment in cyprusCyprus has been named as one of Europe’s most popular IVF treatment locations. It is also one of the top ten most cost-effective destinations. IVF treatment in Cyprus, for example, is twice as cheap as IVF treatments in any other European country.

Flexible regulations

Many couples find it hard to select IVF treatment in their home country due to random regulatory barriers. In Austria and Norway, for example, a single woman is not recognised as an IVF patient. Doctors in France and portions of Germany can still refuse IVF treatment to women who declare as lesbians or single.

This is why IVF treatment in Cyprus has been regarded as one of the top destinations for IVF in terms of flexible regulations. The flexible regulatory framework for IVF in Cyprus helps the patients in getting the most out of their IVF journey in the country.

This regulatory framework provides IVF treatment options for:

  • Women between the ages of 18 and 54
  • Single or same sex parents
  • Medical considerations for gender selection
  • People looking for an anonymous egg donor

Every fertility clinic must prioritise the well-being of its patients in order to have a successful IVF treatment in Cyprus. This is where we take care of all these aspects in order to offer the best IVF treatment options and related services to our clients.

The island provides peace and tranquility as well as an opportunity to escape the concrete jungles of the large cities. This may come really helpful for couples or individuals that may feel a bit stressed out due to the lengthy IVF treatment procedures.

How can we help?

Our team understands the financial strain that IVF treatment might entail. That is why we are continuously working to expand our selection of available treatments and to alter our services to meet your customized IVF requirements while remaining cost-effective. We further offer:

Free Initial consultation

We are quite delighted to be able to provide this service to our patients. We believe that a free initial consultation is essential given how “bumpy” the start of an IVF in Cyprus may be. The initial consultation is the first stage in the process of becoming a parent.
Many questions may be answered by our fertility experts at this point, and the next steps can be explored. During the initial appointment, the patient can learn more about the options available at our facility.

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    Tailor-made IVF treatment options

    We offer solutions that are both timely and cost-effective. You will be allocated to a personal patient consultant when you contact our clinic through e-mail, phone, Whatsapp, Viber, or SMS. Your personal patient consultant will assist you in scheduling an appointment with one of our partner IVF expert or Doctor, gathering test results, preparing your treatment protocol with the medical team, arranging lodging, airport-hotel-clinic transfers, and providing you with additional information about your IVF process.

    The patient coordinators are in charge of creating a precise treatment schedule. Moreover, some of the IVF treatment processes can also be completed in the comfort of our patients’ homes (Usage of medications and certain therapies)

    Customized IVF plans and programs

    ivf clinic in cyprusOur staff has put together a number of packages that further include lodging and transportation facilities with our IVF clinic in Cyprus. These bundles differ depending on our patient’s particular preferences. We have lodging alternatives to suit every budget. Our packages include a 5-star luxury vacation resort as well as a studio apartment where you can prepare your own meals. We can also organise airport-hotel-clinic shuttles to make your stay more comfortable.

    Affordable services

    IVF clinic in CyprusThe cost of IVF treatment in Cyprus at our facility is determined on the basis of a list of factors that we already mentioned in the IVF treatment cost section above. At Gaia Fertility, we provide a variety of IVF treatments with highly reasonable prices. Please get in touch with our staff for further information.

    In comparison to other nations, IVF medication in Cyprus is also less expensive. The hormonal stimulation drug will cost roughly 650 Euro in Cyprus if you are utilizing your own eggs.

    Offering a list of Infertility treatments

    At Gaia Fertility, we ensure offering a wide list of infertility treatments to our clients worldwide. Although IVF treatments do not always go in a straight line, our objective is to be prepared for as many situations as possible. We provide typical IVF treatments, which may be done with your own gametes or with the help of an Egg Donor.

    All therapies were established and carried out in accordance with all Cypriot Ministry of Health rules. Besides, all of our treatment options have received ISO certification and accreditation.

    At Gaia Fertility, we currently offer the following IVF treatments:

    • IVF with Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
    • IVF with Intrauterine insemination
    • IVF with Egg Donation
    • IVF with Sperm Donation
    • IVF with Embryo donation
    • IVF with minimal stimulation
    • Gender selection during in vitro fertilisation

    Many infertile instances are covered by the treatment list, including infertile couples, women diagnosed with reproductive disorders, and male infertility. As previously stated, the list also includes IVF in Cyprus for single women and same-sex couples.

    At Gaia Fertility, we can also provide the below-mentioned options in assisted reproductive technologies to increase the odds of becoming pregnant:

    • Assisted Hatching
    • Blastocyst Transfer

    These treatment options make it easier for the fertilised embryo to grow further and reduce the chance of any health complications. They may deal with endometrial and uterine lining issues, as well as hatching issues and choosing quality sperm for conception.

    Our partner clinics are also well-equipped to undertake specialized tests and screenings, ensuring the highest possible treatment quality.

    • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
    • Pre-implantation genetic screening and diagnosis aid in avoiding the transmission of genetic illnesses to the embryo or the onset of specific diseases.

    We do everything we can to assist and support people considering IVF in Cyprus. Right from the initial consultation till the revelation of the IVF results, our patient coordinators will take care of every stage from start to end.

    Connect with one of our client coordinators today for a free consultation!

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