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IVF treatment in Colombia

ivf clinic in colombiaGiven the low-cost IVF options and medical services, Colombia has become the most preferred IVF hub for most of the child seeking couples around. Still, being an intended parent, you must take a grasp of every fact and aspects related to IVF in Colombia before getting started.

Moreover, as IVF is a lengthy process that requires some good effort and patience from the parents, it’s advisable to get connected with a trusted and reputed IVF clinic in Colombia. By doing that, you can stay assured of getting the customised IVF solutions, best suited to your needs.

IVF in Colombia - The process

Our expert professionals would schedule a meeting with the fertility expert and the intended parents where every party can discuss their doubts and concerns regarding the IVF treatment clinic Colombia.

Afterwards, the fertility experts would recommend the required tests and diagnosis for the intended parents to check the magnitude of their infertility issues. Given the results of these tests and diagnosis, the required treatment option will be planned.

The ovary releases an egg during ovulation, which travels via the Fallopian tube to meet the sperm and be fertilized. This is how pregnancy occurs spontaneously. Upon entering the uterine cavity, the fertilized egg implants in the uterine lining, which has become thicker.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) involves stimulating the ovaries to create a large number of eggs, which are subsequently developed and fertilized in a lab. Embryos are carefully examined during development, and only the healthiest ones are placed in the uterus for implantation.

Women under the age of 40 can transfer one or two embryos, while women above the age of 40 can transfer a maximum of three embryos. To avoid the possibility of multiple births, the number of embryos that can be transplanted must be limited.

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    Embryo Transfer

    After successful fertilization, cells begin to divide; fertilized eggs are now referred to as embryos. 3-5 days after the fertilization of the eggs, these embryos will be placed to the uterus of the women under observation.

    IVF treatment in Colombia - What should you know?

    ivf treatment cost in colombiaIVF is a time-consuming procedure that can take months to finish. Despite the fact that this technique will boost your chances of becoming pregnant, there is no assurance that it will work for everyone.

    You and your partner must first undertake a list of tests, including Semen analysis, ovarian reserve testing, Infectious illness screening, mock embryo transfer, and an examination of the uterine cavity. Once done, you and your partner will undergo IVF treatment recommended by fertility experts.

    The ovaries of the women under observation can be stimulated by taking fertility medicine, which can help you conceive without any complications. Because some eggs will not mature or be fertilized after retrieval, multiple eggs must be generated. The ovaries will be examined via transvaginal ultrasound, and your hormone levels will be measured via a blood test.

    The eggs of the intended mother will be extracted through a simple procedure involving only a local anesthetic. The latest ultrasound equipment will be used to guide a needle into each of your ovaries for egg extraction during this procedure. In most cases, you will be sedated with propofol for the surgery.

    The male partner will now be asked to provide a sperm sample that will be used to fertilize the eggs. In the event that you are using donated sperm, it will be defrosted and processed in the same manner.

    Embryos and sperm are mixed together in a laboratory dish for fertilization in this process, which is called insemination. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) may be utilized if there is a poor probability of fertilization. One sperm is placed directly into the egg, and the eggs are carefully monitored to see if fertilization occurs.

    Cost of IVF treatment in Colombia

    cost of ivf treatment in colombiaThe cost of IVF treatment in Colombia would be determined after taking numerous aspects into consideration. Elements like the number of IVF cycles performed, medication cost, and sperm donor or egg donor in Colombia used would be included here.

    Besides that, the accommodation and logistic costs for the intended parents would also be included in the IVF treatment cost in Colombia.

    Precautions required during IVF in Colombia

    Some women are able to resume their normal daily routine after the embryo transfer; still, they must take it easy all along. In order to ensure a successful recovery and healing, you will need to stay in Colombia for a minimum of 10-12 days following your surgery.

    Your doctor will perform a blood test to see if you’re pregnant 12 days after your egg retrieval. In order to ensure that all treatments are completed successfully, you’ll need to stay in the country for a few more days after IVF.

    If you’re considering IVF, it’s critical that you get the help you need from a professional counsellor. You should all be aware that not all IVF attempts will be successful. During and after IVF treatment in Colombia, couples are strongly advised to seek counselling from our expert professionals at Gaia Fertility.

    IVF treatment in Colombia - success rates!

    An IVF procedure’s success rate is influenced by numerous factors, including the age of the mother, her health and lifestyle habits, as well as her reproductive history. There is a 40 percent success rate for women under 35, 25 percent for women aged 36 to 41, and only 4 percent for women who are over 42.

    Pregnancy rates aren’t exactly the same as live birth rates and our professionals would further guide you regarding every key element in the same regard. It’s also important to be aware that IVF comes with certain modest risks, such as the possibility of experiencing nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath, faintness, stomach pains and bloating, or even weight gain. These are all possible side effects.

    Still, given the constant supervision of our expert medical professionals, you can rest assured of receiving the best care and support along your IVF and surrogacy arrangement in Colombia.

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