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Surrogacy for HIV in Argentina

surrogacy for hiv in argentinaSurrogacy for HIV in Argentina is permitted, given the infected person (intended parents or the surrogate mother) clears all the required tests and diagnoses in the same regard.

The entire procedure regarding surrogacy for HIV may seem like a daunting task initially. Yet, with our professional medical experts by your side at every step, you can stay assured of getting all the right care and support.

At Gaia Fertility, we have the expertise, skills, and technology to make your journey to parenthood as easy as possible. With the help and support of our partner clinics in Argentina, we offer a list of services related to surrogacy for HIV Argentina like sperm washing, medical screening, and sample collection. Our cutting-edge partner IVF facilities can clean sperm adequately to avoid HIV transmission to the surrogate and baby. These services, when combined with our years of experience, allow us to provide exceptionally efficient medical care while retaining the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Is surrogacy for HIV in Argentina legal?

Surrogacy for HIV in Argentina is not prohibited. Yet, there is a lack of proper regulation and framework in the same context. Hence, as you proceed with your aspirations, we advise you to connect with a reputed surrogacy agency in Argentina.

Intended parents and surrogate mothers must understand that entering into an arrangement regarding surrogacy for HIV requires them to undergo a list of tests and diagnoses. So, they must be ready and prepared for any such tests in the course of their surrogacy journey with Gaia Fertility.

While random myths and misconceptions are marketed around in terms of surrogacy for HIV, one must always stay informed and aware of its elements before putting a step forward. Medical science today has come a long way and HIV-positive men and women can now raise healthy, happy, HIV-negative children by simply adhering to the required procedure and keeping up with their medicinal course.

Different agencies offer the ability to choose a healthy surrogate mother from their database. They carry out thorough background checks on surrogate moms as well as checks on their health, fertility, past pregnancies, and other factors. And then select the ideal match based on the characteristics that will influence the child. The facility will conduct a number of examinations and testing, including blood tests, ultrasounds, psychological health evaluations, and physical analyses.

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    How does surrogacy for HIV in Argentina work?

    surrogacy for hiv argentinaThe process starts with the Intended parents and the surrogate mother in Argentina getting in touch with our professional medical experts. They first need to provide the related medical documents that will then be studied and analyzed by our experts. Afterwards, the sperm sample will be collected by our partner surrogacy clinics in Argentina. While HIV is transmitted through sexual contact, it is not transmitted through a man’s sperm cells. Rather, the virus is transmitted through the seminal fluid. As a result, the sperm-washing process will be used to help HIV-positive men conceive a healthy, HIV-negative child through surrogacy for HIV Argentina.

    Sperm washing is a laboratory procedure that cleans sperm samples of seminal fluid, non-moving sperm cells, cellular debris, and pathogens. What’s left is a population of extremely motile sperm cells that might be used in IVF to create embryos. The washing procedure also effectively reduces HIV viral load to undetectable levels.

    The freshly produced semen sample is usually spread over a specially prepared density gradient in a test tube. After that, the sample is spun in a centrifuge to separate the highly motile sperm cells from the rest of the ejaculate. In reality, cleaned sperm has been used in hundreds of reproductive therapy cycles with outstanding success and safety.

    How does surrogacy for HIV in Argentina go for Gay men?

    surrogacy for hiv couple in argentinaThe process related to surrogacy for HIV in the case of Gay men or couples will remain the same, with the only difference being the inclusion of an egg donor in the entire arrangement. For HIV-positive Gay surrogacy, this procedure will mix healthy donor eggs with sperm that has undergone HIV sperm washing. The embryos will thereafter be carried by a surrogate mother. While this method is notably useful for homosexual males, people of all backgrounds use egg donation and/or surrogacy to produce their own kids.

    Our partner clinics employ in-house egg donors and surrogate moms to help intended parents make the most of Surrogacy for HIV Positive couples and men. Surrogate mothers are thoroughly examined, including health tests, background checks, and other processes, to ensure that they are suitable for donation or surrogacy. After that, we work directly with all of our intended parents to help them find the finest egg donor and surrogate for their specific requirements. Moreover, you can always find our professionals by your side during every step of your surrogacy journey.

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