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Surrogate Mother in Cyprus

surrogate mother cyprusAs you look forward to the surrogate mother in Cyprus, there are few considerations that you need to make beforehand. As you know already, there is no legislation governing surrogacy in Cyprus. So, while looking for a surrogate mother, you have two options: bring some of your interested relatives or friends on board or employ a reputed surrogacy agency in Cyprus.

Besides, intended parents must know that gestational surrogacy in Cyprus is the most preferred surrogacy arrangement. During gestational surrogacy, the embryo developed out of the eggs and sperm derived from potential parents is placed in the womb of the surrogate mother Cyprus.

Furthermore, the identical embryos can be generated utilizing the intended father’s sperm and eggs, as well as the eggs of an egg donor. Donor sperm can also be used to fertilize the female partner’s eggs. On the other hand, partial surrogacy can also be an option in this situation.

As far as partial surrogacy is concerned, it is a process in which the intended surrogate mother’s eggs are fertilized with the intended father’s sperm. The embryo is subsequently put in the surrogate mother’s womb, where she delivers birth at the conclusion of the gestation period.

Searching and finalizing surrogate mother in Cyprus: key things to consider

Searching and finalizing on a surrogate mother in Cyprus can come over as a tedious task altogether. Hence, before deciding on a surrogate, an intended parent must consider a variety of factors and considerations. The rights of your surrogate, intended parents’ rights and duties, biological father’s rights, the impact on your surrogate’s kid, and the influence on other members of your family are few of the key points in the same context.

Furthermore, both intended parents and surrogates should get legal advice before engaging into a surrogacy agreement. The prospective parents should meet with the surrogate mother and a therapist to address their concerns in order to identify potential issues and reach a mutually accepted agreement.

This is highly required in order to keep all kinds of disputes and concerns at bay during the functioning of the surrogacy arrangement in Cyprus. Hence, we at Gaia Fertility are committed to provide you the best services and advice during every step of your surrogacy journey in the country.

We understand the importance of finding the most suitable surrogate mother Cyprus for your surrogacy journey. So, just in case the intended parents find it hard to go by the search themselves, we are here to help you in the best manner possible. Furthermore, all of our surrogates are in the appropriate age categories and are in good physical and mental condition to carry a kid to term.

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    Furthermore, we follow a stringent protocol for evaluating possible surrogates, and we search for any health difficulties or complications during pregnancy before proceeding with the process. All parties participating in the surrogacy in Cyprus must undergo a number of screening tests.

    By conducting this process, infection risks can be reduced and any genetic or inherited health complications can be traced out. Our professionals ensure that thorough medical and mental screening is required to guarantee a risk-free delivery and the surrogate baby’s general well-being. During consultations, our patient coordinators and partner doctors can provide detailed information regarding proper diagnosis and testing of the surrogate mother in Cyprus.

    Surrogate mother in Cyprus: What should you know?

    surrogate mother cyprusAs you start the search related to surrogate mother, you must also check about certain things like the physical and psychological health of the surrogate mother, as well as the quality of the eggs and sperm used in the conception. Although there are many women who desire to be surrogate mothers, only a small percentage of them qualify after undergoing a thorough medical and psychological examination.

    At Gaia Fertility, we exclusively work with women who are at the peak of their reproductive potential because fertility success rates for women diminish dramatically after the age of 35. We don’t believe in setting high expectations for patients or promising unrealistic miracles.

    Most of our partner surrogacy clinics in Cyprus use the most up-to-date fertility techniques, cutting-edge technology, and skilled medical professionals. We constantly tell our patients to keep their expectations in check and to follow the highest ethical guidelines. Our fertility consultant will be able to estimate the success rate based on the surrogate’s age and medical test results, as well as the results of other tests and diagnosis.

    Understanding the surrogate mother cost in Cyprus

    surrogate mother cost in cyprusA lot of factors and elements come into play as you think about the surrogate mother cost in Cyprus. So, we can say that a one-size-fits-all method cannot be used to calculate the surrogacy cost in Cyprus. Aspects like cost incurred for the medical expenses, transportation cost and so on would eventually determine the overall cost of surrogate mother in Cyprus.

    Surrogate mother expenses such as missed earnings, transportation fees, and maternity apparel must be considered along with the costs of screening, embryo implantation, and administration. As the best surrogacy agency in Cyprus, we take pride in bringing the best and chosen surrogate mother in Cyprus for all the intended parents.

    Along with our partner clinics and agencies, we, at Gaia Fertility are committed to help and support you during every step of your surrogacy journey. For a free consultation, contact one of our client coordinators today!

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