10 Key Reasons Why You May Need the Services of a Surrogate Mother

When a couple is unable to become parents through natural conception due to medical or other reasons, they should consider surrogacy in Cyprus.

Single men and women, or same-sex couples can benefit from surrogacy in Cyprus too.

Surrogacy allows you to start a family with the assistance of a woman who agrees to bear and deliver your baby. It involves using IVF procedures for the purpose of creating embryos to be implanted in the chosen surrogate.

Let us  look through the key reasons why you might be in search of surrogacy in Cyprus


Pre-existing health conditions: Some women may find it difficult to conceive naturally due to pre-existing conditions or medications. Heart disease, kidney issues, or autoimmune diseases may cause the pregnancy to be life-threatening for the carrier. In other cases, a necessary medication used to fight diseases, may affect fertility, endanger or not enable to carry the pregnancy.

Women can also have complicated uterine diagnoses, such as scarring, fibroids, or Asherman’s syndrome, which can make it difficult to carry a pregnancy to term. Some women don’t learn about uterine issues until later in life, usually after trying to conceive for a while with no success. At this point, they may decide to look for a surrogate mother.

Infertility: One of the most common reasons for couples to consider surrogacy as a way to complete their families is infertility. While seeking fertility treatment is an option, it can also be a long, expensive journey with no desired end result, having to turn to surrogacy as a realistic option.


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The absence of a uterus: Some women are born without a uterus. This condition, known as Mayer-Rokitasnky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome, or MRKH, makes it impossible to conceive naturally. Other underlying medical conditions, such as cancer, can also harm a woman’s reproductive organs and necessitate a hysterectomy, a surgical procedure to remove the uterus. Turning to surrogacy in this case too is, therefore, a necessity.

Inability to carry a full-term pregnancy: Many women face the challenge of being able to get pregnant easily but unable to carry to full-term. Although conception occurs quickly and frequently, the fetus may not develop beyond a certain point. There are numerous reasons for this, some of which are treatable and some of which are not. In cases where treatment is not an option, these women can turn to surrogate mothers to carry their children to term.

Previous pregnancy complications: If a woman has had previous complex pregnancy complications that endangered her or her baby, surrogacy may be a good option to consider in order to welcome a baby safely. In many cases, the option will be suggested by their doctor or by the parents themselves. Preeclampsia, heart failure, multiple miscarriages, etc. – are all severe pregnancy complications that should affect plans for future pregnancies &could benefit from considering turning to surrogacy as a resolution

Sexual Orientation: Surrogacy has grown in popularity in the LGBT community in recent years as a great way to start a family –Same-sex couples, either male or female, will be needing egg/sperm donation for the creation of embryos. Whilst men will also definitely need the help of a surrogate carrier on their journey to parenthood.

Single parenting: single people can benefit from surrogacy for singles in Cyprus to complete their family, whether male or female. Using egg/sperm donation, according to their needs & a surrogate carrier to carry out the pregnancy for them.


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Age: Age has a significant impact on a woman’s ability to conceive and carry a child. The likelihood of becoming pregnant drops significantly after the age of forty, though it still occurs. Some women can conceive at this age with fertility treatments, while others cannot. An egg donor will be almost definitely needed in this case and some will also need to turn to surrogacy.

Other Medical Conditions: While some medical conditions do not directly affect a woman’s physical ability to bear children, they can have an impact on her ability to carry a healthy child to term – especially while maintaining her own health. Conditions such as heart disease, kidney disease, or severe diabetes, as well as a history of certain types of cancer, can make pregnancy dangerous for both mother and child. Furthermore, certain medicines used to treat an unrelated health problem or physical condition may endanger the health of an unborn child.

Individual choices: Surrogacy is not always chosen because of infertility. Some women, for example, choose not to carry their own children in order to continue their careers or maintain their physique. While this is considered an uncommon reason, it can be considered per specific case.



Many people choose to turn to surrogacy as an option to build &expand their family, for a variety of reasons. It’s not uncommon for people to take this path, regardless of their ability to conceive naturally. This is largely due to increased acceptance of all forms of modern families, including same-sex couples, single men &women as well as a wide range of surrogacy programs and providers available for prospective parents.  Whatever your specific reason may be, you are invited to further look into surrogacy in Cyprus for your family-building plans.


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