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What is the core reason behind the reasonable surrogacy options in Armenia?

Gone are the days when the intended parents struggling with infertility issues were left with no choice. With surrogacy gaining popularity across every part of the world, these intended parents have the choice of choosing their path to parenthood. So, we can say that surrogacy has become a feasible choice for infertile couples, giving them the chance to realise their aspirations of becoming parents. While surrogacy is available in many nations worldwide, Armenia has gained attention for having surrogacy programmes that are comparatively inexpensive in comparison to other nations. Moreover, Armenia’s surrogacy costs are reasonable due to several factors, such as the country’s legal system, living standards, access to quality healthcare, and cultural perceptions of surrogacy.

surrogacy options in Armenia

Smoother and straightforward legal procedures

As an intended parent look forward to their parenthood goals, they also got to think regarding the legalities in the process. Moreover, they have to check for the laws and regulations in the same context. At the same time, the legal framework governing surrogacy arrangements is one of the main reasons Armenian surrogacy is less expensive than in other nations. The laws about surrogacy in Armenia are quite lenient, which facilitates the intended parents’ pursuit of surrogacy in the nation. In Armenia, surrogacy is officially acknowledged and governed by law, giving intended parents and surrogate moms a clear legal foundation.

Easier path to parental rights for the intended parents

Most of countries may come with random issues and concerns while offering parental rights to the intended parents. Still, that’s not the case with a country like Armenia. The intended parents of a child born via surrogacy have full parental rights, and surrogacy agreements are enforceable in Armenia. Armenia’s surrogacy laws offer legal certainty, which lowers the risks and uncertainties involved in surrogacy arrangements and may result in lower costs for intended parents. The legal procedure in Armenia for acquiring parental rights is also reasonably effective, which cuts down on the time and costs associated with the surrogacy procedure.

Low cost of living does have a role to play

The cost of living will prove a major factor in deciding the surrogacy cost for any program within a certain country. Moreover, Armenia comes along with a lower cost of living that eventually contributes to its cheaper surrogacy costs. Also, the comparatively low cost of living in Armenia is another factor that makes surrogacy there affordable. The cost of living in Armenia is much cheaper than in many Western nations when it comes to living expenses, housing costs, and medical care. Because of this, intended parents may find surrogacy in Armenia to be a more affordable option overall, taking into account medical procedures, surrogate compensation, and legal fees.

The strong medical infrastructure is something worth being noticeable

surrogacy in ArmeniaThe medical infrastructure of a country is the foundation of its medical services and the services offered by the medical professionals there. Hence, we can say that Armenia also has a strong medical infrastructure and expertise, especially in the areas of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and reproductive medicine. On the other side, medical practitioners and fertility clinics in Armenia are skilled and knowledgeable in offering a variety of reproductive treatments, such as surrogacy and in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

On the other side, intended parents will receive top-notch medical care at a significantly lower cost than in other nations because Armenia offers medical care and expertise that meets international standards.

Surrogate mothers in Armenia are among the best in the world

The quality of the surrogate mothers can prove to be a key cog for the success of your overall surrogacy program. Hence, one must always look forward to this aspect with great consideration. Talking of Armenia, the affordability of surrogacy in Armenia is also influenced by the country’s supply of surrogate moms. In Armenia, the practice of surrogacy is culturally acceptable, and the number of women who are willing to act as surrogate mothers is comparatively high. In Armenia, surrogacy is generally seen favourably by the community, and many women see it as a way to support their own families financially while also helping others. Because of this, Armenia has a constant supply of surrogate mothers, which keeps the cost of surrogate compensation down.

Armenia’s location is also a key factor

How a country is geographically located matters most in its decision to regulate surrogacy costs around. If you are in Europe or North America, the cost may go higher. On the other side, the cost of surrogacy is lower in Asia. At the same time, the cost of surrogacy in Armenia is influenced by the nation’s geographic location and geopolitical environment. Situated between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Armenia is easily accessible to intended parents from all over the world due to its location in the South Caucasus region.

For intended parents looking for surrogacy services in Armenia, the country’s advantageous location and closeness to important international airports make travel and logistics easier.

What intended parents must consider before their surrogacy decision?

Surrogacy cost is an important factor in whether or not to pursue surrogacy in Armenia or any other country. Still, it must not come as the only factor in the same context. Even though surrogacy is reasonably priced in Armenia, intended parents should carefully weigh all of the options before beginning the surrogacy process there. It is recommended that prospective parents do extensive research on Armenian surrogacy laws and regulations, as well as the standing and qualifications of Armenian fertility clinics and surrogacy agencies. Intended parents should also be informed about the hazards and difficulties that come with surrogacy, such as the ethical, legal, and medical issues.

Final words

Do know that just like any other favourable surrogacy destination, Armenia does have its good points and not-so-good points. So, one must research properly before making a crucial decision in the same regard. Also, intended parents looking for accessible and reasonably priced surrogacy services may find surrogacy in Armenia to be a desirable alternative. Armenia is a well-liked location for surrogacy because of its generous legal system, affordable cost of living, excellent medical care, cultural acceptance of surrogacy, and convenient location. Although there are many benefits to surrogacy in Armenia, intended parents should do their homework and consult a professional to ensure a morally and successfully conducted surrogacy process.


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