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For many couples or individuals in vitro fertilisation (IVF) offers the best chance of achieving a pregnancy. Our goal is to make the start of your fertility journey as easy and straightforward as possible.

ivf clinic in ukraine

In layman’s terms, IVF can be deemed as a process where the sperm and eggs extracted from the male and female partners to form an embryo in the laboratory dish the same embryo. After proper fertilization and development, the embryo will be placed inside the womb of the women undergoing IVF.

No matter if you are pursuing IVF at an IVF clinic in UK or anywhere else, the process would remain the same. Millions of people throughout the world have benefited from IVF because they were earlier unable to conceive or give birth to a healthy kid.

All of these people had previously struggled with their desires and attempts to conceive. While the biggest objective of IVF is a healthy pregnancy and baby, we can discuss some of the other advantages below:

  • IVF provides the best chance for women with obstructed or impaired fallopian tubes to conceive a child using their own eggs.
  • Patients over the age of 65 or with a weak ovarian reserve may benefit from IVF.
  • Individuals impacted with Male infertility will have a better probability of conceiving with IVF.

IVF is today more recognized than IUI and other assisted reproduction methods. So whether it’s about IVF clinic in USA or any other country, the IVF success rates have been continuously rising. Although IUI and other types of assisted reproduction technologies have shown to be effective for certain people, they have not improved significantly over time and have low success rates. IUI with donor sperm may still be the best option for single women and same-sex couples.

In addition, IVF aids in the diagnosis of infertility problems. Only In some cases of unresolved infertility, it is hard to diagnose the issues until the laboratory fertilization process is complete. Although the outcome may not be ideal, it is incredibly beneficial in discovering such issues early on so that future treatment at an IVF clinic in Ukraine or anywhere else may be tailored appropriately.

How we achieve the highest IVF success rate?

We have numerous IVF programmes to help you overcome the
challenges of infertility. Hygroscopic, laparoscopic, normal delivery and
caesarean delivery are few in the same list. We can provide a wide range of
services, including IVF treatment and egg donation for surrogacy, endometriosis
treatment, male infertility treatment, embryo freezing, sexual and
psychological problem-based treatments, and a variety of other treatment

The therapeutic services that we offer are ideal for avoiding any kind of complications during the IVF treatment. It can also help couples in multiple aspects, like their health, their family relationships, their marriages, their job performance, and their social connections. With our services, we can provide easy, complete information on IVF, as well as appropriate treatment programs and alternate possibilities.

ivf clinic in Cyprus

How we do it?

Step 1: Stimulation of the ovaries

Throughout each menstrual period, women develop one egg every month. In this step, experts can administer fertility injection to speed up the development of the eggs. Besides, experts at our partner IVF clinic in Cyprus will ensure that the body is prepared for the production of more eggs than usual. The IVF specialist then uses ultrasound to track the egg’s development and recommends a regular blood test in the same regard.

Step 2: Egg retrieval

This is a curative procedure in which a professional fertility doctor uses ultrasonography to insert a catheter into the ovary and the follicle-containing ovary through to the vaginal canal. With the use of a microscopic probe, the expert would remove the eggs one by one from the follicles.

Although the guidelines in relation to IVF treatment in Ukraine are quite different than IVF treatment in Argentina, the process would remain the same.

Step 3: Insemination

The male sperm will be taken by the fertility expert and mixed with the extracted eggs from the ovaries. They normally perform it in a lab on a Petri dish. The doctor waits 3 or 4 days for the embryo to develop and the eggs to be fertilised.

Step 4: Embryo culturing

We can now continue to monitor the fertilised eggs to ensure that they are growing in a favorable manner. The average completion time is 45 days. The fertilized embryos are also subjected to testing to ensure that they are free of any diseases such as HIV.

Step 5: Embryo transfer

The doctor will implant the embryo into the female’s uterus when it is ready for fertilisation. This will ensure a successful pregnancy.

ivf treatment cost in cyprus

ivf clinic in cyprus
ivf treatment cost in uk

IVF treatment cost

The cost of IVF varies mostly, depending on the country and city you are seeking treatment at. So, the IVF treatment cost in Cyprus would be totally different than the IVf treatment cost in UK. If a woman has gone through early menopause or has a significant hormonal imbalance, she may require hormonal correction before and after conception to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

All of the necessary medicines, in addition to the in vitro fertilisation technique itself, greatly increase the IVF treatment cost in Colombia. Here, we have compiled a list of components that eventually constitutes the IVf treatment cost at Gaia fertility.

  • Consultation with a fertility expert

In the majority of cases, our partner IVF clinics provide free medical advice. Some of our partner clinics in Ukraine, on the other hand, include lower fees in their IVF packages and charge extra for consultations, medications, and other services. As a result, before choosing a less expensive fertility clinic, make sure you acquire detailed information about IVF treatment cost in Ukraine.

  • Cost of Artificial Insemination (IUI)

This cost varies according on the IVF clinic you choose, the donor sperm used, and any medications you may require. Hence, IVF treatment cost in Argentina would go different than IVF treatment cost in Colombia. However, the packages would include costs incurred for insemination, blood testing, medicines, and monitoring procedures.

  • Cost of natural cycle IVF

The simplest, and thus cheapest, IVF procedure is one that takes place during a natural menstrual cycle. This indicates that a woman’s body is not stimulated hormonally to generate more than one egg in a single period. If the lady has enough healthy eggs or there are substantial contraindications to hormonal stimulation, this type of IVF is a viable option.

  • Cost of IVF with Hormonal Stimulation

Hormonal stimulation is more expensive than IVF using a normal cycle. It results in the generation of up to 10 eggs in a single cycle. Besides, it allows you to fertilise all of the eggs and keep track of their health, allowing you to select the ones that are the healthiest.

  • Cost of Cryopreservation

The cryopreservation procedure has additional costs that also vary from country to country. For example, suppose you got numerous healthy eggs after a single hormonal stimulus. Some of them were used, but not all of them. As a result, you can send them to be cryopreserved.

This means that the eggs will be frozen at low temperatures to preserve their health and vitality so that they can be used in subsequent cycles. This permits the following IVF operation to use prepared oocytes without exposing the woman’s body to additional hormone stimulation.

  • Cost of IVF using Oocytes from Egg Donors

In few cases, some females are unable to supply their own eggs for assisted reproduction. Donor oocytes are employed in this situation, which are extracted from a suitable and tested donor. The cost of IVF rises dramatically in this situation.

Despite the fact that we provide IVF treatment in several countries with the help of our partner clinics, our core motive is to provide the couples with the most ethical and affordable IVF treatment services.

Why you must choose us?

Through us, you can be confident of receiving all of the fertility clinic support and innovative technological platform needed to facilitate the finest medical care and related help for your baby’s delivery.

The state-of-the-art labs at Gaia fertility will help ensure that the patients are been taken care of in a desired manner. We are always well-equipped with the most up-to-date technology equipment and trained professionals to make certain that the IVF success rate stays exceptional.

We set ourselves apart from the competition with our skilled gynecologist services, quality management system, prompt medical guidance, and administrative skills. We can always guarantee the finest level of patient care. We come on board with committed & experienced personnel who are backed by  tons of knowledge and experience in the same field.

Our comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis services usually include everything from fertility testing, female infertility evaluations, male infertility issues, and more. We also ensure that recurrent assessment, andrology, and other associated measures are taken care of at every point in time.

Contact one of our client coordinators today to get the best IVF related consultation and support !

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