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Surrogacy for HIV Positive Intended Parent

Becoming a biological father as HIV+ man is possible! As a man who is HIV positive, you can still become a biological parent through surrogacy!

There have been more than 4,000 reported cases of assisted reproduction using sperm from HIV-positive men, and not one baby or surrogate have contracted the virus.

At Gaia fertility, we understand that life with an HIV infection is not an easy part to live by and it necessitates a certain degree of medical attention as well as a change in lifestyle. However, with contemporary medical facilities and impactful treatment alternatives, it is much simpler for HIV-positive individuals to live a healthy life and even have their own child via surrogacy for HIV positive patients.

The most recent scientific advancement in the same context has come as a big sign of relief for all such individuals. As of now, they can also look forward to realising their parenthood dreams via surrogacy.

As a part of their surrogacy aspirations, couples must use IVF to conceive a child. The majority of fertility clinics throughout the world refuse to deal with HIV-positive couples (single or both). That said, we are the best surrogacy clinic in Cyprus. At Gaia fertility we are committed to bring you the most suitable and cost-effective surrogacy for HIV positive couples.

surrogacy for HIV patients in Cyprus

HIV is now a long-term manageable disease with current medications able to completely control the virus for a full lifetime. National studies now calculate the life expectancy of those with and without HIV to be nearly identical, so bringing a child into a loving home with an individual or couple with or without HIV is essentially the same.

In 2016, a comprehensive international review of all published reports of double-washed sperm used for assisted reproduction found no cases of HIV transmission in over 11,000 cycles of either intrauterine insemination or IVF/ICSI.

To ensure that the sperm donor is non-infectious, the following three criteria must be met


It is simpler than you think give us a call to discuss your options

surrogacy for HIV positive couple in Cyprus

We make surrogacy for HIV-positive couples easy and simple!

At Gaia Fertility, we know that the options are limited and a bit longer in terms of surrogacy for HIV-positive couples. Still, given our years of experience and expertise in the same domain, we have brought in the most feasible options related to surrogacy for HIV in the UK or any other country.

There are a few circumstances where the male partner is HIV positive but the female partner is not, and they can still bear the baby without much risk. It is therefore feasible to have a child with an HIV-positive male.

Still, there is a big difference in what tests and diagnosis are required in the same context. For example, surrogacy for HIV in the UK would come along with a different set of guidelines than surrogacy for HIV in Colombia.

How we ensure a risk free process for HIV positive surrogacy?

Sperm washing is the most frequent procedure used prior to IVF. Although it is an efficient technique to treat a viral illness, there is a risk of virus transmission. The goal of sperm washing is to separate the sperms that will fertilise an egg from the determining fluid, which is infectious and may contain the HIV virus.

The HIV virus has been found majorly in the seminal fluid of HIV-positive men. If the fluid and sperms can be separated or cleansed, the chance of catching HIV is minimal, not only for the woman carrying the baby, but also for the possibility of vertical transmission, which is the virus being passed from mother to kid.

Nonetheless, HIV-positive couples can still conceive while following all the precautions mentioned by our partner IVF clinics and experts. Please contact our client coordinators to learn more about your options.

surrogacy for HIV patients in UK
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