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Surrogacy or Adoption: Finding the most appropriate path towards parenthood for individuals dealing with infertility issues

The infertility treatment process can be challenging for millions of couples and individuals across the globe. While various infertility treatment processes are available, not everyone can achieve the desired results. This is where the choice to choose between adoption and surrogacy is individual and complex. Hence, we cannot say that one process is right and the other one is not.

That said, we will look into the key elements of both the procedure sin the coming parts of the blog. Moreover, we will discuss situations and circumstances that would make either of these choices the best fit for you.

Understanding the adoption process!

Adoption is the legal process where a person or couple adopts a child while furnishing all the legal, medical and social requirements in the same regard.  That said, there’s a better understanding of this choice of parenthood:

Emotional aspects: Adoption allows an association with a child who needs a parent and a home. So, we can say that it is a fulfilling experience for numerous families. While the child is getting a new family, the family is also getting to achieve their parenthood goals.

infertility treatment process

Adoption cost: Adoption can be less costly than surrogacy. On the other side, costs may vary, but financial help and grants are regularly accessible. Moreover, the intended parents can ask for government help and various other monetary supports while opting for adoption.

Legal aspects: Adoption laws vary from one country to another. That said, the method can be long and requires an intensive understanding of the laws. So, if you are an intended parent who cannot fulfil the eligibility criteria for adoption, this process may not come as the right option to fulfil your parenthood goals.

Health considerations: There are no pregnancy-related health risks with Adoption. So a person can opt for adoption without thinking about any such health risks and issues.

Age and Other Variables: Age, marital status, and other components may influence the qualification of the intended parents for the adoption process. On the other side, numerous agencies and organizations have different criteria in the same regard. This is where most of the couples and individuals couldn’t reach their parenthood goals via adoption and may switch to surrogacy.

Type of Adoption: There are many types of adoptions available like open, semi-open, or closed Adoption. These decide the level of contact with the biological parents of the adopted child. So, being an intended parent, you can make a choice accordingly.

Waiting Time: The time frame for Adoption may also vary depending on the type and agency chosen. This is where the intended parents need to be patient while going along with this option towards achieving parenthood.

IVF cost in Cyprus

Understanding the Surrogacy process!

Surrogacy is a widely popular procedure where a woman ( known as a surrogate mother) carries a child for somebody who can’t conceive naturally. This somebody could be a couple or an individual who cannot become a parent via natural means due to random infertility issues or personal choices.

Emotional aspect: Surrogacy allows a genetic association between the child for the intended parents. Moreover, it offers an interesting way to become a part of the pregnancy journey for them. So, even while the intended parents are not carrying that child, they can experience the joy and other emotions of that journey.

Surrogacy cost: Surrogacy can be a costly process and may carry more expenses than the adoption process. Talking about costs, these may incorporate medical costs, legal expenses, and compensation for the surrogate. On the other hand, the intended parents need to bear the IVF cost in Cyprus which may be necessary for the embryo transfer procedure.

Legal Process: Legal procedures during the surrogacy procedures are complex. That said, legal contracts and support are required to secure the rights and interests of every party involved. This is where the intended parents need to connect with a legal professional in order to get the right advice and guidance.

Health considerations: Health risks are related to pregnancy and even pre and post-natal care. This is where appropriate medical care and considerations come as basic. Hence, the intended parents must connect with the best fertility treatment agency in order to get the right and most appropriate medical care for the surrogate and child.

Control over Pregnancy: Surrogacy allows more control over pre-birth care and biological association with the child for the intended parents. This is where most of the intended parents across the globe pick surrogacy over adoption.

Choice of Surrogate: intended parents can frequently select or have input into the choice of the surrogate. Moreover, they can put through their customized needs and expectations to the surrogacy agency while short-listing the surrogate mother.

Time frame: The time frame for surrogacy may be more specific and predictable. Also, it depends on various medical and legal elements involved during the procedure.

Surrogacy vs. Adoption: Which comes as the best solution for your infertility issues?

best fertility treatment agencyEmotional connection: Adoption offers a bigger emotional connection with a child in need. That way, both the intended parents and the child are getting emotional support to fill that emptiness in their lives. On the other side, surrogacy offers a biological connection and related association during pregnancy.

Cost Comparison: Adoption may be a cheaper option than surrogacy for many. On the other side, the infertility treatment process during surrogacy frequently comes with higher costs. Apart from that the medical costs and legal costs would further make the intended parents spend more towards their parenthood goals.

Legalities: Both adoption and surrogacy require legal guidance. Moreover, adoption laws may change by region or type. Surrogacy, on the other hand, is managed via surrogacy contracts.

Health risks involved: Adoption avoids any pregnancy-related health risks. On the other hand, surrogacy requires careful thought of the health aspects and related considerations.

Control and Choice: Surrogacy may offer more control over pregnancy and choice of surrogate. Adoption, on the other hand, offers diverse types of associations with biological parents

Time: Surrogacy may offer a more specific timeline. As far as adoption is concerned, the waiting time is longer and may require lots of patience from the intended parents.

Final words

So, we can say that choosing between adoption and surrogacy could be a totally individual choice. It depends on personal values, financial considerations, health, and other individual components. Also, both options offer a path to parenthood but may have diverse suggestions.

This is where connecting with legal, medical, and counselling experts is quite crucial for the intended parents. Besides, they can give particular guidance based on a person’s individual circumstances. In a nutshell, we can say that both adoption and surrogacy are reasonable choices for those managing with the best fertility treatment agency. Still, the best choice is the one that goes right with the individual, emotional, and financial considerations of the intended parents.


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