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Ensuring the Well-Being of Surrogate Mothers: Preventing Exploitation in the Surrogacy Journey!

The surrogacy journey comes as a momentous way to parenthood for numerous couples and people who confront challenges in conceiving and carrying a pregnancy. Also, while surrogacy can be a life-changing procedure for many, it is important to prioritize the well-being of surrogate mothers.

Not many people know but the surrogate mother is the most important character of the entire surrogacy journey. Right from carrying the child in her womb, to its delivery, the surrogate gets through a big deal of stress and anxiety. In the coming parts of the blog, we will talk about the best ways to ensure the well-being of the surrogates, without any abuse or exploitation. Yet, before we get into that debate, let’s first overview her role in the overall surrogacy process.

How to ensure Well-Being of Surrogate Mothers

Getting familiar with the surrogate mother’s role in the surrogacy journey

A surrogate mother is a woman who carries the child in her womb till term for the intended parents. Moreover, she also takes the stress of delivering the child upon its birth. That said, surrogate moms, also known as gestational carriers, play an imperative part in helping people and couples realize their dream of parenthood.


Well-Being of Surrogate Mothers


At the same time, abuse can happen when a surrogate mother’s rights, independence, or well-being are ignored within the same interest of achieving parenthood. Also, to anticipate misuse, it is basic to set up ethical and lawful systems that ensure the surrogate’s rights and guarantee her physical and emotional well-being.

How you can avoid surrogate abuse and exploitation?

Give importance to surrogate consent at every step

Surrogate moms must provide their educated and intentional consent before entering into a surrogacy agreement with the intended parents. Moreover, they should understand the process completely, along with their rights, and the potential risks included. Besides, legal and mental counseling has to be accessible to guarantee that they make an educated choice free from restraint.

On the other hand, the intended parents must talk to the surrogate mother about her expectations during the initial meeting. That way, both parties will get to know each other’s needs and expectations.

Appropriate compensation

Surrogate moms ought to get reasonable compensation for their time, efforts, and any potential well-being risks related to pregnancy and childbirth. Also, the compensation should not be exploitative and ought to be decided through a shared agreement between the surrogate and intended parents.

Accessible healthcare

Surrogate moms should also have the required access to high-quality healthcare throughout the surrogacy journey. Moreover, proper medical care, pre-birth care, and any fundamental support ought to be given to guarantee their well-being along with the well-being of the future child.

Being on the same page during legal agreements

Proper legal contracts should be in place to secure the rights and duties of all parties, including the surrogate mother. That said, legal experts with expertise in surrogacy must also guarantee that these contracts adhere to the local surrogacy laws and regulations.

Well-Being of Surrogate MothersAccess to emotional and mental support

Surrogate mothers may go through certain emotional and mental challenges amid the surrogacy journey.  This is where the access to counseling and emotional support ought to be accessible to assist them in exploring these challenges and give a solid and positive involvement.

Proper screening of any health issues

Surrogate mothers should also experience comprehensive medical screenings to check their physical and mental well-being. That said, these screenings help them distinguish any potential risks and guarantee that the surrogate is physically and rationally ready for the pregnancy.

Right to select the specific medical alternative

Surrogate mothers should also have the right to select medical strategies and intercessions amid pregnancy and childbirth, given they are in line with set-up medical guidelines and rules. Also, their autonomy and preferences need to be respected during the same procedure.

Protection and Secrecy

The security and secrecy of the surrogate mother ought to be ensured all through the surrogacy program. Besides, her personal data and medical history ought to be dealt with with care and caution. The intended parents can discuss these aspects with the surrogate mother in advance. That way, they can know what elements need to be kept private with mutual understanding.

The importance of transparent communication

Open and straightforward communication between surrogate mothers and intended parents is basic. That said, building a positive and aware relationship based on the trust aspect is significant for a fruitful surrogacy journey.

Legal Parenthood and Parental Rights

The legal rights and duties with respect to parental rights ought to be clearly characterized in surrogacy agreements. Moreover, this incorporates issues related to parenthood and any cost-related element.

On the other hand, government controls play a basic role in anticipating surrogate abuse. That said, regulations that trace the rights and responsibilities of all parties included, together with rules, help make a secure and strong surrogacy environment.

At the same time, surrogacy regulations vary broadly over nations. For example, a few nations, like India, have confronted feedback for lacking guidance, driving concerns about the abuse of surrogate mothers. In contrast, nations just like the United States and Canada have well-established legal systems and ethical rules to ensure the rights of surrogates.

Final words

The surrogacy journey can be a life-altering encounter for both the intended parents and surrogate mothers alike. Hence, to guarantee the well-being of surrogate moms and anticipate abuse, it is fundamental to set up vigorous moral, legal, and medical guidelines.

On the other hand, surrogate mothers must have access to the best healthcare, legal counseling, required medical and emotional support and related assistance throughout their surrogacy journey.

Moreover, government regulations and ethical rules play an imperative part in making a secure and steady surrogacy environment. Also, by prioritizing the rights and well-being of surrogate mothers, create an emotional and ethical surrogacy process that permits intended guardians to fulfil their dreams of parenthood. Besides, it should also be about guaranteeing that no surrogate mother is misused along the way. Eventually, it may be a collective duty to ensure the rights and nobility of all parties included in the surrogacy journey.


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