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Big Question: How to choose the right Surrogacy destination

Surrogacy is surely the best way for any struggling couple to reach their parenthood goals. However, an individual or couple has to make some critical decisions before taking the first step forward. Also, within the stressful journey of surrogacy, one of the key decisions intended parents must make is choosing the proper destination. Besides, this choice can significantly affect the overall success of the surrogacy process. Also, surrogacy laws, medical centres, and social viewpoints have changed all along. Hence it’s important to approach this choice with thorough research and reflection. That said, in the coming parts of this blog, we take a comprehensive look at selecting the best surrogacy destination for the intended parents.

How to choose the right Surrogacy destination

  1. Legal landscape

As a person kick-starts their surrogacy journey, the first and most important viewpoint to consider is the legal system of the potential destination. So, being an intended parent, you must choose a destination where surrogacy laws are well-defined. For example, countries like Colombia, Argentina, the USA and the UK would be a good option. That said, hazy or equivocal laws can lead to complicated circumstances afterwards.

Also, check how the destination handles the legal rights of the child. That said, it’s crucial that intended parents are recognized as the legal guardians right after the child’s birth. That way, the parents didn’t have to run from pillar to post in order to claim custody of the born child.

At the same time, you must make sure that the rights of the surrogate are secured during the procedure. Moreover, this includes her right to medical care, the option to change her decision during the early stages, and support after the pregnancy. Also, check whether the surrogacy contracts are enforceable in those territories. This way, the intended parents and the surrogate mother can both ensure that their rights and interests have been safeguarded.

right Surrogacy destination

  1. Medical standards

Do know that high-quality medical care is highly critical for the success of the surrogacy process. That said, the selected destination should have clinics or medical centres certified by recognized global bodies. On the other side, look for a destination with specialists experienced in surrogacy and IVF procedures. That way, you can stay assured of all the medical practices and procedures that will be a part of your surrogacy journey.

Moreover, make sure that the medical agencies utilize the most advanced practices and have better success rates. That said, you can be at peace regarding the success of your respective surrogacy journey.

  1. Surrogacy costs

Once a couple or individual plans out their surrogacy journey, they always keep the cost factor on top of their priority list. This is where a surrogacy destination should offer a clear breakdown of all potential costs, including medical strategies, surrogate remuneration, legal fees, and other related costs.

At the same time, you should compare the costs against the quality of services given. Also, in some cases, paying a bit more in a nation with a better success rate and superior medical centres is worth the effort. Now, you must also understand that surrogacy is a cost-effective procedure. So, lower cost doesn’t always mean better quality services. Hence, while choosing the right surrogacy destination, keep this point in your mind.

  1. Social and ethical views

Intended parents must know that understanding the social views of surrogacy can lead to a smoother journey altogether. So, before deciding on a surrogacy destination, check whether the local society and community are in support of surrogacy practices.

Besides, nations, where surrogacy is culturally accepted, can offer a favourable environment for both the surrogate and the intended parents. Besides, the person can proceed with their surrogacy journey with peace and a clear mind.

On the other side, having local communities or groups that can offer emotional support amid the procedure can be immensely beneficial. Also, while many don’t consider this as important, it may make or break the entire surrogacy procedure.

  1. Geographical and logistical Contemplations

Once the intended parents kick start their surrogacy journey, they may have to travel and stay in that particular country. So, they cannot write off the importance of the geographical and logistical considerations in this regard.

So, you must consider how close the destination is to your own country. Besides, regular visits can be required, so evaluate the process and overall cost of travel. Moreover, you must know that a few countries might require intended parents to stay for a while after the child’s birth. That said, this may impact travel costs and the overall coordination.

  1. Post-Birth Contemplations

Once the child is born, the intended parents have to pay attention to the procedures after that. That said, this is where you must understand the procedures to obtain a visa for the child within the chosen destination. On the other side, a few countries might have a particular process for intended parents to exit the nation with their child, Moreover, this is highly obvious in the case of international surrogacy. Hence, you must take that into consideration while planning your surrogacy journey in that particular country.

choose the right Surrogacy destination

  1. Personal instincts and comfort

While all the aspects mentioned above are critical, individual comfort and instinct play a key role in your surrogacy journey. So, this is where the chosen destination should go along with your personal values and comfort levels. For example, in case open communication with the surrogate is required, select a region where such interaction is motivated. Also, in some cases, basic instincts play a role in making the right choices. That said, in case a specific destination feels right after all the research, it’s worth considering.

  1. Proper consultation

Proper consultation is surely the backbone of any surrogacy journey. So, one must consult with the right specialists who can give the required clarity to your surrogacy process.  On the other side, consult with trustworthy surrogacy agencies that have a track record within the required destination.

Moreover, interact with people who have experienced surrogacy within the considered destination. That said, their experiences can offer insights that might not be accessible in official documents.

Final words

Choosing the right surrogacy destination is highly important given the time and effort you put into any surrogacy program. So, you must proceed while taking every aspect into consideration.

Also, each intended parent’s needs might be different. That said, for some, the legal aspects can be important, whereas, for others, medical standards might top the list. So, it’s important to introspect, understand individual priorities, and make an informed choice. After all, surrogacy isn’t only about bringing a new life into the world. Instead, it’s also about making stories of love, adoration, and trust. Hence, choosing the proper setting for this lovely story is the primary step in a surrogacy journey.


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