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Surrogacy in Ukraine

The cheapest surrogacy option in Europe

Learn about the surrogacy laws in Europe and also the most affordable surrogacy options in Ukraine

gestational surrogacy in UkraineUkraine offers a legislative framework that recognizes surrogacy as a permissible arrangement for all local and overseas heterosexual parents. It further incorporates a pool of professional fertility experts along with the finest medical care services, making it a popular international surrogacy destination.

Ukraine offers a legislative framework that recognizes surrogacy as a permissible arrangement for all local and overseas heterosexual parents. It further incorporates a pool of professional fertility experts along with the finest medical care services, making it a popular international surrogacy destination.

Since 2002, Ukraine has regulated and legalised surrogacy. The law permits intended parents to apply for a court order recognising them as the biological parents of a surrogate child.

Many renowned IVF services in Ukraine have resumed operations, and some surrogacy agencies are reforming their services despite the country still being a problematic environment for surrogacy. Ukraine still provides affordable and authorised surrogacy services.

In order to qualify for surrogacy, intended parents must demonstrate a medical need at a surrogacy clinic in Ukraine. Other types of intended parents, such as same-sex and single parents, are not eligible (or legal) for Gestational surrogacy in Ukraine.

Some of the most compelling reasons to choose surrogacy in Ukraine

  • Surrogacy for couples in Ukrainesurrogacy agencies ukraine is expressly supported by federal legislation. Surrogacy agreements for married hetero couples are supported by the law. As a result of the carefully established surrogacy law, the intended parents’ rights are properly safeguarded.
  • Embryo, egg, and sperm donation are all lawful and controlled by the government. As a result, provide a large selection of attractive European egg donors.
  • European and American nationals do not require a visa, making travel simple.
  • Both domestic and overseas fertility searchers are subject to the same reproductive regulations. As a result, both local and international surrogacy contracts are available. There is no distinction made between local and foreign couples.
  • Because Ukraine is a European country, it has a good level of life. The surrogate mother in Ukraine maintains a healthy lifestyle and lives in a clean environment.
  • Gestational Surrogacy Ukraine is substantially less expensive than in the United States and Europe. The entire cost of surrogacy in Ukraine and Ukraine Surrogacy Agency might be 60 percent to 70 percent cheaper than surrogacy in the United States.
  • There is no requirement for the baby’s legal right to be adopted. The infant is the property of the commission parents, and there is no need for a court order to appoint a legal guardian for the child.
  • The IVF Clinic in Ukraine is equipped with cutting-edge medical fertility technology. The majority of the medical team receives their training and internship in western nations, therefore they are well prepared to help international parents.
  • These IVF Clinics include world-class medical support and facilities for screening and diagnosing egg donors and surrogate mothers using genetic testing.
  • PGS/PGD is also legal in the nation, and you can confirm the baby’s gender.
  • The Family Code of Ukraine, administered by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, governs surrogacy legislation and recommendations.
  • Surrogacy is supported in Ukraine for all heterosexual couples from both the local and international communities. Single parent surrogacy Ukraine, however is not allowed in the country.
  • The intended parents will be identified as the legal parents of the born child before the birth, and the surrogate mother will have no rights to the kid during the procedure, according to Ukraine surrogacy legislation. In addition, the names of both legal parents would be included in the Ukrainian birth certificate.

Ukraine surrogacy laws- Understand surrogacy laws in Ukraine

surrogacy agency ukraineIs surrogacy legal in Ukraine?  Ukraine undoubtedly appears to be one of the countries with the most welcoming climate and legal framework for surrogacy programs. Aside from that, the country is home to some of the world’s finest medical services, specialists and surrogate clinics in Ukraine. Nonetheless, it restricts commercial surrogacy to heterosexual couples inside its borders. Besides, surrogacy for LGBT couples in Ukraine is also not permissible. While efforts are in line to validate surrogacy for same-sex in Ukraine, the process may take some more time.

Gaia Fertility has partnered with some of Ukraine’s leading surrogacy agencies and IVF clinics with the goal of providing the most seamless and hassle-free surrogacy programs to all overseas parents. Furthermore, because the Ukrainian law allows intended parents to gain all rights to the born child even before the arrangement begins, the entire procedure becomes considerably easier for any intended parent who wishes to pursue their parental goals in the nation.

Ukraine is now one of the few nations in the world that allows commercial surrogacy without posing a significant number of challenges for surrogacy agencies. This is where our job as a surrogacy agency gets a lot simpler, and we can provide you with the most ethical and cost-effective surrogacy plans and programs.

Who is eligible for surrogacy in Ukraine?

Every married heterosexual couple that fulfills the following criteria stays eligible for a surrogacy plan in Ukraine.

  • The couple will need a document from their local doctor for surrogacy agency in Ukraine stating why they require a surrogate mother.
  • In Ukraine, surrogate mothers can only be used if the intended mother is incapable of bearing the child. This might be due to the absence of the womb or uterine deformity, both of which can prevent conception.
  • Alternatively, she may have additional serious medical issues that make it impossible for her to properly carry the pregnancy.
  • If a couple has had four IVF cycles and still hasn’t gotten pregnant owing to uncertain fertility issues, they can consider surrogacy.
  • Couples’ marriage certificate
  • Copies of the intended parent’s passports

How much does surrogacy in Ukraine cost?

If you are a foreign parent seeking the finest surrogacy plan in Ukraine, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine will come up between $30,000 and $45,000, with the surrogate mother receiving approximately $10,000 to $15,000. Local parents, on the other hand, pay a significantly lesser price.

At Gaia fertility, being a leading surrogacy agencies in Ukraine we ensure to bring you the most affordable, yet ethical surrogacy program, rightly tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Connect with one of our coordinators for a free consultation on your respective surrogacy needs.

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