About Us

Gaia Fertility is a family centered initiative located in Cyprus. We specialize in matching & connecting intended parents seeking for surrogacy solutions, with the most suitable, professional, state of art clinics- offering various programs around the world.

All our patient coordinators have been through an IVF or surrogacy journey themselves, therefore are familiar not only of the medical procedures, but mostly with the emotional challenges you will be facing upon embarking this life changing journey.

We will be here with you, every step of the way, supporting you to the fullest during your surrogacy program. Our high standards of practice, along with our passion, dedication & belief in a highly personal approach, makes us the ultimate choice for you.


Why Cyprus?

Here are some of the reasons why Cyprus is considered a great destination for your surrogacy journey:

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves a family, whether single, in a same sex or heterosexual relationship.

Our dedicated personal coordinators are here to guide & assist you every step of the way & all have experienced IVF / Surrogacy procedures themselves.

AVAILABILITY & LEVEL OF SUPPORT- is immediate & intimate from the initial consultation call, we hold your hand through appointments & procedures, until you hold your baby.


Our Programs

Moreover, we TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING, helping you with every single choice & decision- from egg donor selection, to recommended genetic tests, through surrogate matching, embryo creation & transfer, via all stages of pregnancy follow up, to birth & beyond.

We offer Fully GUARANTEED PROGRAMS- for a delivery of a baby, or refund in cost Programs are also FULLY INSURED- for surrogate & baby, including NICU There are NO WAITING LISTS for donors & surrogates.

DIVERSE LOCATIONS for your journey – Cyprus , USA & more interesting new options are available for VARIOUS BUDGET SCALES.

Our Medical Facilities

Our modern, state-of-the-art clinic is equipped with the latest technology in the field of ART. We work closely alongside a highly qualified, experienced team of doctors, embryologists, nurses & coordinators, all dedicated to your success! Our medical director, a well-known fertility specialist, boasts over 30 years of experience &
30,000 successful IVF cycles. In the past 15 years he has helped countless families grow through surrogacy.

We are proud of our high success rate, enabling us to offer a guaranteed program we take pride in.

Our donors

In order to provide you with the best service, our team recruits, screens and selects a wide variety of international egg donors. Our donors are all healthy young women, aged from 21-32 years old and are ready to start treatment.

Each donor profile includes:
Age, origin, complexion, eye & hair color, height, build, level of education & occupation.

Our surrogates

Our precious surrogates are cared for on every level by a personal coordinator, who takes care of their every need, making sure they are happy & healthy throughout pregnancy.

They are all mothers themselves, so are proven to be able to carry a healthy pregnancy to term & understand, as a parent themselves, just how precious the gift of life is that they are giving. All surrogates are carefully screened & selected by our medical director in person.

Meet Our Team

Working from the bottom of our hearts!

Karina Alon MA, RCM

Counsellor and Midwife Founder of GAIA FERTILITY

Karina is a senior counsellor, a certified Midwife and Clinical Supervisor. This unique combination of professional expertise has given her a deep understanding of issues involved with coping with infertility. With great sensitivity, awareness and knowledge, her goal is to walk beside you on your fertility journey.

Eyal Alon

Director of Development

With over twenty years of experience leading and developing initiatives, Eyal has expanded Gaia Fertility into a vast network of experts and clinics,in Cyprus & beyond. Finding creative solutions to every challenge along the way, Eyal is dedicated to our parent’s requests and concerns.

Our personal coordinators

In strong belief in personal contact & care we assign a private coordinator to each client, enabling prompt availability to answer all your questions & basically, just be there for you. From the very beginning, you shall feel the support & holding throughout your journey.

Sasha DeSousa

Senior Coordinator

With her expertise and hands on approach, you will be guaranteed a safe and pleasant journey through the whole process.
From the initial application, through scheduling appointments and accompaniment to the clinics, Sasha will gladly guide your every step.

Stephanie Gaia Coordinator

Stephanie M.

Senior Coordinator

Originally Canadian, Stephanie brings a deep understanding of the gift of surrogacy, having experienced the role of intended parent herself. Stephanie can genuinely understand all issues involved & will accompany you with her wisdom of first-hand experience.

Gili T

Israeli Coordinator

Gili has over 10 years of experience helping build families. She has a caring and compassionate approach and will be able to answer all of your questions.

Xi Yang

Asian Coordinator

Xi Yang is our main coordinator for Asia. She’s part of our mission to help every intended parent – no matter the restrictions life has imposed on them.

Katerina Argyrou

Patient Coordinator Germany & Cyprus

Fluent in English, Greek & German, Katerina will gladly help with all arrangement needed. Katerina will provide all the necessary information you need in order to understand the whole process of your journey.

Svetlana Siniavina

Chinese & Russion Coordinator

Svetlana is our multi lingual coordinator, helping patients in Chinese, Russian, as well as French.
Svetlana will make best use of her knowledge to make our international clients comfortable, every step of the way.