Surrogacy Cost in UK

If you are an intended parent seeking surrogacy in UK, you must get familiar with all the key aspects like surrogacy cost, cost of surrogate mother and so on. Every year, hundreds of individuals and couples realise their parenthood dreams through surrogacy, and hundreds more opt for other destinations abroad.

Regardless of which category you belong to, we at Gaia fertility would provide you with the most ethical and affordable surrogacy option in UK.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in the United Kingdom?

 Surrogacy Cost in UKA list of elements and factors would impact the overall cost of surrogacy in UK. Depending on the facility and your surrogate, the total cost of surrogacy in the UK might exceed the £60,000.

This would not only include cost of surrogate mother, but also cost related to IVF treatment and embryo transfers, consultancy fees, and legal fees. The costs of surrogacy in the United Kingdom may also include the logistics and accommodation cost for the intended parents, in case they arrive in the country for the procedure.

Intended parents must know that any payments to surrogate mother in UK during or after a surrogacy arrangement are deemed illegal in the eyes of law. Surrogates, on the other hand, must not be left out of pocket, and it is completely permissible for IPs to cover all reasonable surrogate fees. So, the surrogacy agency, and the intended parents must allocate some payment to cover the legal and medical expenses of the surrogate mother in UK.

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    Cost of surrogate mother in UK

     Surrogacy in UKIt’s understood that you cannot put advertisements to search for a surrogate mother, neither she can lend her services in return for monetary benefits. Hence, prospective parents should think about all of the expenses that the surrogate might claim as a result of her pregnancy.

    This covers the surrogate’s travel expenses (to and from the fertility clinic or hospital). If she works, she may have to pay for lost wages. Maternity apparel and daycare costs are also frequent. If the physical or psychological therapy is relevant to the pregnancy, it may be listed as a justifiable cost. UK surrogates have also asked for reimbursement for vacations, insurance, dietary supplements, dental care, and gym membership. If the expenditure is relevant to the pregnancy, it is typically considered acceptable.

    Clinic and legal expenses

    Clinic and legal fees vary according to the type of surrogacy program you have chosen. Surrogacy is a costly affair and intended parents need to be aware of this very fact. Still, at Gaia Fertility, we would always ensure that all of the surrogacy programs come at a reasonable cost.

    Talking about the clinical fees, the amount would range between £25,000 GBP to $32,000 USD. Donations of eggs and sperm, fertilization, and embryo transfer are all included. Prenatal care, as well as the delivery of the baby, may come extra. Although the National Health Service may pay some clinical bills, the majority of surrogacy costs need to be borne by the intended parents.

    Legal costs differ significantly from one lawyer to the next. Although some attorneys charge as much as £60,000 most fair legal fees are less than £15,000 GBP. Surrogacy is less expensive in nations where governments have spent considerably on medical services in order to attract tourists.

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    At GAIA fertility, we offer customized surrogacy plans at affordable prices that are best suited to your specific needs. With our expert professionals by your side, you can always stay assured of receiving the best care and support during every stage of your surrogacy journey.

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