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Surrogacy for LGBT Couples in UK

Gay surrogacy in UK has long been a subject that has drawn mixed opinions and verdicts from the people in the United Kingdom. Still, as per the surrogacy laws in UK, same-sex couples can seek surrogacy for gay couples without any hassles.

Nonetheless, the entire structure surrounding surrogacy for 2 dads in UK is governed by a set of rules and regulations and the intended parents need to adhere to them. In the United Kingdom, there are two forms of surrogacy available: gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy.

Intended parents must know that advertising for surrogate mothers in the UK is illegal. Hence, they have to approach various social forums or connect in order to locate a suitable surrogate. Besides, they can connect with a trusted surrogacy clinic in the UK.

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Is it legal to pursue surrogacy for gay couples in UK?

As mentioned earlier, surrogacy is legal in UK regardless of the sexual orientation of a person. Hence we can confirm that surrogacy for LGBT couples in UK is permitted. Finding a surrogate mother, on the other hand, may be challenging due to the legislation prohibiting third parties from arranging surrogacy for profit and restricting surrogate advertising.

Any arrangement you enter into once you have identified a surrogate is invalid and not enforceable by law under UK surrogacy legislation. Whatever country or territory your kid is born in, you and your surrogate are the legal parents according to UK law. Who will be considered the child’s father is a tough issue that is impacted by various circumstances, including your biological make-up, the marital status of your surrogate, and the site of conception.

In the United Kingdom, an order of parental responsibility can be made that permanently reassigns the legal status of parenting to both of you and removes your surrogate parent’s legal position and responsibilities.

A new British birth certificate will be produced if your child was born outside of the UK, naming both of you as parents. Since April 6, 2010, same-sex parents have been able to seek for an order of protection. However, as a parent or someone interested in surrogacy for LGBT couples, you should be aware of the principles of legal parenting and court-ordered custody.

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    Obtaining a parental order

    Because a parental order might take months to obtain, you should think about your legal rights and responsibilities during the UK surrogacy procedure. It may be challenging to communicate with medical and social service professionals. You may also question about your job rights and your regular entitlements to adoption leave as a new parent. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about your legal choices.

    It is critical that you have a plan in place for your surrogate mother in UK and her family in the event that either you or your surrogate dies. Hence, it is highly advisable to connect with a surrogacy agency.

    How does surrogacy for Gay couples in UK work?

    surrogates for gay couples ukThe rules and regulations are different for male same sex couples and female same sex couples in UK. Being a female same sex couple, you can employ a surrogate mother in UK if you need someone to carry your child.

    If you both want to be parents, it’s not surrogacy if one of you is carrying the other’s biological child, but it’s co-maternity, which some clinics refer to as intra-partner donation/IVF.

    Surrogacy for female same-sex couples is extremely rare in the United Kingdom. Your surrogate is the legal mother of your child, thus you must be able to demonstrate your legal parental status after your child is born.

    You can only seek a parental order (to become legal parents) if one of you contributed the eggs (or, if one or both of you is transgender, that you have provided the sperm). If neither of you is the biological parent of your child, surrogacy becomes more complicated.

    It necessitates meticulous legal planning. So, you must get along with our expert professionals to learn about legal parenting and court-ordered custody in the context of surrogacy for same sex in UK.

    Even if one of you is a parent, you are subject to the same regulations that apply to other couples seeking surrogacy treatment in the United Kingdom. You may be seeking for a surrogate mother in the United Kingdom, or a friend or family member may have offered to be your surrogate. If you like, you can look into surrogacy from another country.

    In the case of surrogacy for male same-sex couples, you and your partner will have to decide who will be your child’s biological father. Some couples prefer having one child with each spouse being a biological parent, while others prioritize having several children with each partner being a biological parent.

    When looking for a gestational surrogate mother in the United Kingdom, you have two choices: either match with a traditional surrogate who will both give eggs and carry your child, or produce embryos from donated eggs at a surrogacy clinic in UK. Both methods must be considered while keeping your budget and requirements in mind.

    Why do most of the Gay couples in UK opt for surrogacy overseas?

    There are many reasons to why most of the gay couples opt for International surrogacy to realise their parenthood dreams. First, the laws are really complicated and that makes the procedure a bit more hectic and stressful for every party involved.

    Besides, obtaining the parental orders isn’t that easy during surrogacy for gay couples in UK. Hence we can say that it’s all about making an informed choice, as well as analysing one’s capacity to satisfy the legal requirements, that would prove critical in the entire process.

    How can we help?

    Gay surrogacy in UK involves considerable research and being an intended parent, you must do your homework beforehand. We at Gaia fertility are backed with all the right experience to assist and support you during your surrogacy journey in the country.

    We’ve also worked with some of the leading IVF clinics and egg/sperm donor organizations in the UK to make things even easier for you. For a free consultation, contact one of our client coordinators now.

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     Surrogacy for Gay Couples in UK

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