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Surrogacy for Singles in Colombia

Surrogacy for single parents in Colombia is permitted given the absence of legislation in the country regarding surrogacy. Still, the intended parents must learn about every key element that would help them to realise their parenthood dreams without any issues.

To get that done in a smooth and simple manner, getting onboard with a reputed surrogacy agency in Colombia is always the right idea. Doing that, you can ensure proceeding with your surrogacy aspirations without any hassles.

Assisted reproduction and surrogate motherhood are enabling an increasing number of single parents in getting closer to their parenthood aspirations. Having a child through Surrogacy for Singles in Colombia has further become simpler due to the highly supportive constitution of the country.

surrogacy for singles in colombia

Surrogacy for single parents in Colombia: What you should know?

surrogacy for singles colombia

Intended parents must know that they need to opt for egg donor or sperm donor services during single parent surrogacy in Colombia. Our healthy donors are between the ages of 18 and 35, and they come from a healthy family and background in Colombia. The name of the donor is kept private, but the legislation allows potential parents to meet with one of our professionals for a free consultation to learn more about the donor’s past.

Colombia constitution supports the act of forming a family without any discrimination regards to sex, caste or creed. Besides, our expert professionals will assist you during every step of your surrogacy journey as you choose to proceed with your surrogacy aspirations in the country.

We have created a wide range of customised surrogacy programs and breakthrough fertility methods to help every intended parent around. Individuals from all over the world seeking single parent surrogacy in Colombia may now realize their ambitions of becoming parents owing to our customised surrogacy-related services.

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    How Does Surrogacy for Single Parents Work in Colombia?

    single parent surrogacy colombiaThe process is quite simple and straightforward. Individuals must first register with us to discuss their unique needs. Our IVF clinic partners would then walk you through the necessary testing and diagnoses during the process of surrogacy for singles Colombia. They would next suggest a sperm or an egg donor (in the event that the intended parent’s gametes aren’t viable enough for conception).

    The donor would then be brought on board in order to proceed with the IVF process in Colombia. The prospective parents would be supplied with the donor profile in order for him or her to make an informed selection.

    After all of the checks have been completed, both parties will sign a surrogacy agreement for surrogacy in Colombia. Every party’s rights, obligations, and responsibilities are clearly stated in the agreement.

    The IVF treatment would then be used to develop an embryo, which would subsequently be put into the surrogate mother’s womb in Colombia. Two weeks later, she will have a pregnancy test, and based on the results, a new contract agreement will be signed between the surrogate mother in Colombia, the intended parent, and our representatives.

    The baby would subsequently be carried to term by the surrogate mother. Following the completion of all legal formalities and documents, it will be turned over to the intended father.

    While the process may sound complicated at the first go, our experts would assist and support you during every phase of your surrogacy journey in the country.

    Why choose us for single parent surrogacy Colombia?

    Surrogacy for Single Parents in Colombia is a highly ethical and economical choice for single men and women seeking a less expensive surrogacy option. All IVF treatments, including embryo transfers, would be handled by our partner clinics. Because the clinic is housed in a cutting-edge medical facility, you can be certain that you will receive only the finest services and advice.

    It’s worth noting that all of our Surrogates are Colombian locals with a strong family history. They must have at least one healthy baby born from a successful pregnancy and pass a lengthy and demanding screening procedure before being allowed into the program.

    On the other hand, our donors are all Colombian women who qualify for and are accepted into our donation program. The IPs are is given a genetic profile, medical history, and family medical history for each donor, as well as access to a current photo gallery showcasing the donor’s hobbies and interests.

    Hence, you can stay assured of receiving the best support and care during your aspirations related to surrogacy process in Colombia.

    For a free consultation, contact one of our client coordinators now!

    single parent surrogacy in colombia

    surrogacy for singles in colombia

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