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Surrogacy Cost in Argentina

The cost of surrogacy in Argentina is quite low in comparison to other countries like USA, Canada and Mexico. While surrogacy is still unregulated in this part of the world, one has to stay really cautious and vigilant during their surrogacy journey in the country.

The cost of a surrogacy plan is a highly significant financial expenditure, albeit the exact expenses are often obscure and very unpredictable. Still, regardless of what type of surrogacy you are pursuing or whether you opt for egg donation options in Argentina or not, you must stay informed and updated about the various elements and components of the surrogacy cost in Argentina.

Doing gestational surrogacy in the USA could be extremely high in cost. In Argentina, surrogacy costs are less than half that in the USA. And in the case of egg donation, the cost is less than a quarter of the price found there.

surrogacy cost Argentina

Average surrogacy cost Argentina

The average cost of surrogacy Argentina range from $60,000 to $95000, depending on plans and program one has opted for.

If a woman’s own eggs can be utilised or if the intended parent(s) have frozen embryos from previous reproductive procedures, surrogacy in Argentina cost may be further lower. The same is true for the utilization of sperm.

If one of the intended parents is a man and his sperm can be utilised, the process will be slightly less expensive than if sperm donor is needed.

Breakdown of cost of Surrogacy in Argentina

Surrogacy comes with a cost. Hence, the intended parents must do all their research and investigation in the same regard before going forward, also if you looking for LGBT or gay surrogacy in Argentina. While in Argentina, surrogacy is still low-priced, it will bring along its own financial elements and components.

The following are the usual components of Surrogacy cost:

Surrogacy agency fee: At Gaia Fertility, we live by our commitment to offering the best surrogacy plans that are customized according to your financial limits. Discussing the surrogacy agency fees, varies depending on the services provided since each one has its own value and significance in the entire surrogacy arrangement.

Even when our experts at Gaia Fertility handle all of the legal work, surrogate screening, trust account maintenance, and other services, we always keep the charges reasonable.

Surrogate compensation: The cost of a surrogate mother in Argentina ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. Now, one must stay informed that there are two types of arrangements: Compensated and altruistic. During the compensated surrogacy in Argentina, the surrogate mother will be paid a pre-agreed amount as per the contract. The Altruistic surrogacy in Argentina, on the other hand, doesn’t carry any such compensation, since the surrogate mother is coming on board as a close friend or relative of the intended parents.

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    surrogacy in Argentina cost

    Surrogate health insurance: This may cost between $5,000 and $10,000 depending on the type of surrogacy insurance provider you have opted for. Surrogacy is not completely covered by many health insurance companies in Argentina so this component will still stay optional.

    Medical costs and other payments: Maternity apparel, transportation to the clinic, daycare, help with housework at the end of the pregnancy, supplementary life insurance, and so on are all possible expenses that will be covered in this section.

    Fees for legal representation: You’ll need the assistance of an expert surrogacy and family planning attorney to guarantee that your surrogacy journey goes smooth and nice all along. At Gaia Fertility, we got one of the best legal experts on board that are backed by years of experience and expertise in the ART domain.

    Counseling services: This comes as another very crucial component related to cost of surrogacy in Argentina. We must mention here that most surrogacy clinics in Argentina require both the intended parents and the surrogate to attend counseling session. This way, they can keep all the stress, anxiety and other mental health issues at bay during their surrogacy journey.

    IVF charges: At Gaia fertility, we have partnered with some of the best IVF centers in Argentina to ensure best in class medical support and care during your surrogacy journey.

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    cost of surrogacy in ArgentinaBefore kickstarting your surrogacy journey in Argentina, it’s critical to understand the overall structure related to surrogacy cost in Argentina. By doing that, you can stay prepared financially for any cost or expense that may come your way during your surrogacy journey.

    We are committed to offering our clients the most ethical and affordable surrogacy plans, tailored according to their personalized needs and requirements. If you need more information to make the best decision for your family, simply connect with one of our client coordinators today!

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