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Surrogacy cost in Colombia

Colombia has been a popular and ideal medical tourism destination in recent years given its low-cost surrogacy options and supportive legislation. Even though surrogacy is unregulated in the country, one can realise their parenthood dreams while staying associated with a reputed and trusted surrogacy agency in Colombia.

Surrogacy cost Colombia: What must Intended parents know?

Given the absence of surrogacy laws in Colombia, everyone can use a surrogate, including gay and lesbian couples, single moms and dads, and heterosexual couples who are unable to conceive due to their own specific reasons.

Still, staying connected with a trusted surrogacy agency and clinic that provides the finest services is the most crucial factor. Yet, being an intended parent, surrogacy cost in Colombia always comes as a major concern.

This is an inevitable question for a couple and the individual who dreamt of realising their parenthood dreams via surrogacy in Colombia. Although a surrogate mother in Colombia can help you in the entire process, getting familiar with all the related aspects is highly critical.

How much does surrogacy in Colombia cost? A typical plan costs $65,000 and covers unlimited IVF rounds, embryo transfers, and egg donors up until a successful birth. 

Due to the legalisation of homosexual marriage, adoption, and equal rights in all community services, Colombia has grown in popularity among gay couples and single parents.


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    How much does Surrogacy Cost in Colombia?

    Being an intended parent, you must know that Surrogacy in Colombia depends on a list of factors like surrogacy agency fees, cost of surrogate mother in Colombia, IVF cycles performed and so on. Still, with Gaia Fertility by your side, you can expect the most ethical and affordable surrogacy program at your service.

    The cheap cost of living in Colombia, along with various first-world infrastructure and medical services, make surrogacy affordable. Colombia’s cost of living is around one-third of that of California. In Los Angeles, around $5,000 would be required to maintain the same level of life as $1,500 in Bogota.

    The decreased cost of living translates to cheaper bills for medical treatment as well as surrogate compensation. When the cost of living is taken into account, surrogate mother in Colombia earns the same as or more than their American counterparts.

    Because of the high cost of living in Bogota, a surrogate earning $15,000 in Bogota gets compensated the same as a surrogate making $45,000 in California. Medical procedures that would cost $20,000 in the United States are a fraction of what is needed in Colombia to pursue surrogacy.

    Colombians are all entitled for government-sponsored health care. Surrogates and newborn infants are included. Medical expenditures are still modest even for individuals without health insurance. A professional consultation costs around $50, and you may schedule one without having to wait long.

    Colombia is a welcoming destination for travellers, with modern hospitals, Spanish and English-speaking specialists, and familiar infrastructure. The unique setting is great for sight-seeing and recuperation. While surrogacy remains a minor part of medical tourism in Colombia, operations including plastic surgery, laser eye surgery, hair transplants, and cosmetic dentistry are becoming more popular.

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    At Gaia Fertility, we understand that the cost of surrogacy in Colombia will always be a deciding factor in your surrogacy journey. Hence, you can always stay assured of getting the tailor-made surrogacy programs that are best suited to your budget limits.

    We have further partnered with some of the best IVF clinics in Colombia to help you all along during your respective surrogacy journey. For any further enquiry regarding cost of surrogacy Colombia, connect with one of our coordinators today.

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