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IVF treatment in Ukraine

Before making the decision to undergo IVF treatment in Ukraine due to your infertility issues, conduct your research to locate the most knowledgeable specialists while also having a detailed grasp of the procedure.

You should be aware that IVF is a permissible option in Ukraine, and that you should only seek treatment from doctors who are highly qualified and experienced in order to get the desired results.

As more and more individuals learn about the low-cost IVF options available in Ukraine, the Ukrainian IVF facilities are attracting a lot of global attention.

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IVF Treatment in Ukraine: what should you know?

IVF treatment Ukraine is truly an affordable option for all child-seeking couples and individuals around. Using donor eggs IVF may be an option for you if you’re a woman witnessing certain infertility issues. Donor profiles, particularly those of Caucasian origin, can be found in plenty.

Besides, the presence of best-in-class treatment options and fertility specialists also makes this country one of the most sought-after destinations for global medical tourism.

How much does IVF cost in Ukraine?

The cost of IVF in Ukraine depends on a lot of factors that include the cost of medicines, number of IVF cycles required, eg or sperm donor cost (if required) and other related expenses. In terms of overall treatment options, Kiev and Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second and third largest cities have the highest number of IVF clinics.

Even if Ukraine may be a more affordable choice for IVF treatment, you should not simply choose the cheapest one you can find. Inquire about the clinic’s standards and services and facilities, as well as their treatment success rates. The success of your IVF therapy depends on the expertise of your fertility doctor.

Consult the doctor to determine if anesthetic, blood tests, lab testing, hormonal drugs, and the quote price are all included. Ukraine is one of Europe’s most affordable countries, with a wide variety of cheap B&Bs and hotels to choose from. Prior notification is required for local transportation and lodging.

As a result, you’ll find that the total cost of treatment, airfare, and lodging is still much lower than the cost of similar therapy in other countries.

How does IVF treatment in Ukraine work?

IVF treatment in Ukraine requires the intended parents to consult with our professionals initially. Once the required test and diagnosis are done, our experts will recommend the desired treatment options. IVF treatment begins on the second day of your menstrual cycle, so you’ll need about two to three weeks to complete it.

For the first 8-10 days, the follicles are injected with hormones to stimulate ovulation. Once done, Egg collection and sperm selection for insemination would be conducted. Fertilization is the process by which embryos are created during IVF treatment  Ukraine.

Afterward, Embryos are cultured in a lab and then transferred to the uterus after a period of three to five days. Intended parents can also opt for Pre-implantation genetic testing (PGS/PGD) that allows doctors to examine the genetic makeup of the embryo prior to implantation, increasing the likelihood of a successful pregnancy.

How to pick the best IVF clinic in Ukraine?

Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, is home to a number of top-notch IVF clinics; it’s one of the world’s most attractive cities, too. Selecting an IVF clinic, on the other hand, requires adherence to a set of guidelines:

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    Make sure the clinic you’re considering has a valid license from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine before making a decision. Make sure that they are aware of worldwide norms and practices in healthcare, as well. At Gaia Fertility, we have collaborated with clinics that share our commitment to patient care. The following factors come into play in the same process:

    • Devotion to patient welfare and high-tech standards
    • Expertise and training of medical professionals
    • IVF success rates
    • Feedback from patients

    In addition to English and Spanish, other languages are also represented by professional interpreters at our partner IVF clinics in Ukraine. Please let us know what your preferred language is so that we can communicate effectively.

    How long does it take?

    To determine your reproductive status, your doctor will recommend a series of tests and scans before beginning the IVF procedure.

    Before you fly, you can get your fertility tests done at home and share your results with us online so that we can arrange your treatment plan and timeframe for you.

    It is also possible to travel to Ukraine a week earlier your scheduled arrival date so that all of your diagnostic tests can be completed at the same clinic before you begin treatment. From day 2 of your period, you will need another 15-18 days to finish the next steps in the IVF treatment.

    Can you opt for donor egg IVF in Ukraine?

    ivf treatment clinic ukraineYes, IVF using donor eggs is lawful and well-regulated in Ukraine. All egg and sperm donations are fully anonymous, with the exception of some foreign cases where the donor must sign a consent form that enables the publication of personal data.

    The number of times a person can donate eggs is unlimited because there is no record keeping. Donors , on the other hand, must be between the ages of 18 and 35, with the age range for sperm donors being increased to 40, and they must all pass a rigorous medical screening process before they can donate.

    A variety of diseases are checked on the donors to ensure that the doctor is pleased, including the testing for hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV as well as testing for blood group and RH factor, blood analysis, ultrasound, and a bacterioscopist analysis of cervical smears.

    What’s the best way to begin and get low cost of IVF treatment in Ukraine?

    Getting tested for infertility is a good idea if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for more than six months without any luck. At Gaia fertility, we believe that Infertility is an evil that affects men and women alike. Around 35% of infertile couples, as per a global report, have the problem with both the male and female partners. Half of all cases of infertility are linked to the female factor, and the other half to the male factor, in the remaining 35% of cases

    Our specialists can get an idea about your reproductive problems by looking at the results of the tests and diagnosis at the IVF clinics in Ukraine. We provide affordable IVF treatment cost in Ukraine. We may set up a virtual session with the doctor once you have all the findings, and your specialist will design a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

    When it comes to international patients in Kiev, there are more than 30 well-known clinics to choose from. Investing in IVF is something that most individuals only do once, so don’t take this decision lightly.

    You should keep in mind that during the tourist season, living arrangements can be more expensive in Kiev. So, you must plan your trip way in advance while consulting with our professionals. You may want to think about scheduling your procedure during the off-season period in order to save money and avoid compromising your choice of IVF clinic.

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