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Surrogacy for Gay Couples in Ukraine

Surrogacy is only permitted for married heterosexual couples in Ukraine. Surrogacy for same sex in Ukraine is not permitted. So, if you are someone looking forward to surrogacy for gay couples in Ukraine, you can opt for other better alternatives like Surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus.

Why is Surrogacy for Gay Couples in Cyprus is a feasible option?

Intended parents must know that surrogacy is unregulated in Cyprus. So, you really need to be highly cautious and careful while getting along with your surrogacy aspirations in the country. 

Here at Gaia Fertility, we can help you get through all of the complicated procedures and implications, given our years of experience in the ART domain.

Being a parent seeking surrogacy for LGBT couples in Ukraine can choose surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus. For that you must bring an egg donor or sperm donor on board to get through the entire surrogacy process. Afterwards, the surrogate mother in Cyprus would carry the child for the intended parents upon the confirmation of her pregnancy.

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Surrogacy for Gay couples: What must Intended parents know?

surrogates for gay couples ukraineIntended parents must know that Surrogacy is currently uncontrolled in Cyprus. People who are trying to opt surrogacy for 2 dads in Ukraine, they can go with Cyprus. So, while same-sex surrogacy is not prohibited in Cyprus, homosexual couples bearing children through surrogacy is still a new thing in the country. This is where getting along with an expert surrogacy agency in Cyprus would be the right idea to go with.

With the expert professionals of Gaia Fertility by your side, you can stay assured of getting all the right support and assistance during every phase of your surrogacy journey in the country. 

Surrogacy is becoming more popular among gay men who want to start a family. In response to this trend, an increasing number of surrogacy services in Cyprus is actively courting the LGBT community.

Because surrogacy services are still a relatively new phenomenon, there are many possibilities to pick from; as a result, anyone seeking these services must educate themselves. This is especially true for homosexual couples because of the difficulties and complications they face during surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus.

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    How does Surrogacy in Cyprus for Gay Couples work?

    surrogacy clinic in ukraineGetting Started

    The intended parents must first contact our expert professionals in order to get started with their surrogacy aspirations in the country. Ere, our experts will answer each of your questions in regards to surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus.

    Besides, they will analyse the probability of any required tests and diagnosis that may be required during the procedure.

    Conducting the required tests and diagnosis

    As per the recommendations of the fertility experts at surrogacy clinics in Cyprus, the intended parents would go along with all the required tests and diagnosis. Besides, it is also important to understand the financial and legal aspects of the procedure. We can’t provide you with a precise cost or description of surrogacy laws in Cyprus, but we can give you an idea of what to expect along the journey. Before entering into a surrogacy arrangement, the legal framework must be addressed. You should be aware of the legal issues if you are considering surrogacy for LGBT couples in Cyprus.

    We always conduct the required procedure regarding surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus where homosexual and surrogate search is allowed. Intended parents must know that taking a deep understanding of the entire process is really crucial.

    Choosing the surrogate mother and the donors

    After the financial and legal issues have been resolved, the next stage is to choose a surrogate mother and egg or sperm donors for your specific surrogacy for gay couples in Cyprus. 

    You’ll be matched with a suitable carrier and an egg donor once you’ve reviewed all of the data and evaluated all of the legal and financial consequences. Gaia Fertility’s legal team of top specialists will prepare your contract, which you may review before continuing with your surrogacy journey. In addition, we’ll inform you about all of the surrogacy’s essential testing and diagnosing procedures.

    All legal and medical documentation must be completed before therapy may begin. After that, the embryo transfer will take place while the egg/sperm donors are brought on board. Once your treatment is completed, the surrogate mother’s pregnancy will be supervised by the best doctors at our partner Cyprus surrogacy clinics.

    Why choose us?

    At Gaia Fertility, we make every effort to ensure that our services are not perceived as a commercial venture, but rather as a resource for couples seeking honest, ethical, and affordable surrogacy for gay couples.

    One of our main goals is to provide a surrogacy program without jeopardizing the legal elements and avoiding any potential legal difficulties. As a result, you can rely on us to treat you with dignity and respect while delivering the most ethical and affordable surrogacy for LGBT couples.

    To book your free consultation for surrogacy for Gay couples Ukraine, contact one of our client service coordinators now!

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